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Posted 6/24/15 , edited 6/24/15
Around three weeks ago on my google chromecast I noticed around 6-11pm central time that the buffer would constantly run out and it would halt the video to load and once it resumed it would be ten seconds or so before it would do it again. With my PS3 in the shop I decided to purchase a Roku 3 since I could put a ethernet line to give it a better connection than wi-fi would figuring it was maybe my internet. Instead of a halting picture with a buffer circle I get a muddy low quality picture with large subtitles. I check my internet speeds with my enthernet line going at 64 mbps and my wi-fi as 42 mbps. Even the loading screen for the menu whether its first starting up or exiting an episode takes about fifteeen seconds or more despite what time it is to load completely which is dismal compared to other streamer channels.

When I got my PS3 back which is also connected via ethernet cable I decided to run the CrunchyRoll app on there and the quality would be sporadic. It would stay HD for perhaps five minutes then drop to what looks like 480p or 240p and then another five minutes if lucky will take it to HD. I've tried so many tests on my Roku 3, PS3, and my Google Chromecast that I'm out of ideas since my internet is running at optimal speeds and no other streaming channels suffer the same issues.
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