How to cheat in Fortune Street Wii
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Posted 6/24/15
After you select your board this is highly recommended when your only opponents are CPU's its not fair to ur friends. Once the board is decided you will go into a slot machine mode that determines the player in using this cheating method the only thing frustrating is load time. But well worth it if you wanna be first really really bad. So if you get a low number with the slots and end up being 2nd 3rd or 4th or worse a CPU with a particular outrageous competitive spending strategy goes b4 u unlike slime who doesn't care. You can press home on the Wiimote then go back into the game! Select the same board and let the slots roll again! This is how I get to go first b4 all the CPU's every damn time!

Highly recommended when no one as made a move yet and its the beginning of the game, your first to roll don't just roll yet and take ur first move do a quick save first.

After you return to the game once you have quick saved roll the dice don't like the roll number you got? No problem! Hit home menu button exit out of the game then go back into the game and select tour! Easy as pie. With this you increase your chances of getting a good number to get a property you really want without worrying about negotiating for it on ur next turn! You can even get those really cool properties that are always useful for setting up a hot air balloon if its near by enough for one roll. Through this you can stop your opponents from getting those awesome properties!

In a tight spot? Worried about rolling a 1 and there's an enemy property that could literally bankrupt you? No problem! Quick save! Then roll a big fancy 6 and get the hell out of there.

Remember quick save is the answer to cheating in this game!
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Posted 1/15/17
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