Live life like a anime with our group today! [GIRLS ONLY]
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Posted 6/25/15 , edited 6/25/15
Heyy People I'm Niha and im in the process of making a small clan/community for YouTube and Xbox. We are looking for 2 girl members, our group is not a all girl group we have 3 boys and 1 girl (Me ;_; ). We all own a Xbox 360 and we all live in Texas, if you don't live in Texas that's ok if you live in Canada that's ok also but keep in mind that for our group we aren't just some online gaming group. We have all met each other IRL (In real Life) we want to meet more people IRL maybe for YouTube skit like videos or for live streams and to of course go to Conventions. So if you have a interest in doing that stuff and of possibly making your own YouTube channel and your a girl then we are already interested in you. :D

If you made it this far and you are a girl then great! Heres some more info, you will need to change your gamer tag.. Now hold up a second don't click out just yet! I know some people are really iffy about changing their gamer tags but heres why we require it.
1) To show us you are really serious about sticking with us and that you aren't just some kinda clan hopper and that your not trying to use us for your own personal gain.
2) Because we wanna seem like a team even tho we aren't gonna be doing clan fights or anything we just want the unity of a team. And of course you cant just make a 2nd account and change that gt.
3) Its our plan that when you join you can create your very own Oc for our group and I (Niha) will draw her to represent you in our videos. I will also customize your banner, thumbnails, and your twitter. That is of course if you want me to, you may have to wait a little bit as i tend to be busy.

This is the last paragraph i swear to you >_<. Just to throw this out there of course you need to have a passion for anime to join us. If you don't then this isn't gonna work out for you. But about us as a group we all have our own hobbies, Strife is the leader of our group he is a manga writer and he makes AMVs when he is bored. Flynn is just a member but hes been with us since the beginning he makes his own music on his YouTube channel ill put links to everything below. And theres me left, Im a Anime artist and graphics designer and im working on the manga with strife.

We hope to hear from you girls! If you wanna see me and strife’s youtube channel click this link.
Heres a link to Flynn’s Channel

We previously made a YouTube video about our group heres a link if you wanna hear us talk about it:

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