What if a VR headset was made for 3DS?
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Posted 6/25/15 , edited 6/25/15
It probably won't happen and given the fact that Nintendo last best game on Wii U was Splatoon all the cheap crap on the shop is cheap crap. So VR will definitely not head to Wii U. The New 3DSXL however could be a good fit for it.

Here's why: The New 3DS fixes some of the 3D issues the old 3DS and its selling point is 3D obviously.

#2 AR games and other apps tested out how far we came through augmented reality technology Things literally come to life in our world through the 3DS screen and simple cards.

#3 3D and AR technology before was the closest thing we had before we experimented with virtual reality but it would need games suitable for the tech and features it would come with.

A cheaper version of the VR headset can be made possible for the 3DS or it would be hard to sell.
If you have anything to add to this do you think VR would do better on the New 3DSXL over the Wii U?
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Posted 1/15/17
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