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Posted 6/26/15 , edited 6/26/15
Okay, maybe I'm too much of an otaku, but I often find myself sharing examples of good character traits or good behaviors with my kids that have been gleaned from the anime we watch together. I thought maybe this might be a good place for parents to share such moments with each other.

The other day I watched "Whisper of the Heart," a Studio Ghibli movie, with my 14-year-old daughter . From Shizuku's desire to stand as an equal in her relationship with Seiji, to Seiji's example of how a boy should treat a girl, and the example that both of these characters set regarding the importance of exploring your own creativity and self-expression--this movie led to so many great father-daughter conversations.

Have you encountered such moments?
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Posted 7/7/15
When I think of good parenting from anime, I think of Father Fujimoto from Blue Exorcist &, more recently, Rock Nameko from the Nameko Families. The first is going to be easy to make sense of, the second less so - so I'll explain.

Father Fujimoto adopted Rin & Yukio, raising them as his own. He showed them love, affection, tried to train them up in a way which was honorable. He also was willing to sacrifice his life to save his children. Willingness to die for your children, putting your own life ahead of theirs, is a big part of being a parent.

Now, not sure how many of you have watched the Nameko Families, but let me tell you - I like it. Short form anime, no dialogue, about an anthropomorphic nameko mushroom family. Rock Nameko is a great husband and father. He provides for his family, he shows love to his wife, and he lives his life as an example for his children, showing forgiveness to his wife when she mistreated him and providing for the family in a role model manner. You can tell he's doing a great job, especially in episode 10 when you see how great of a person his son "Bad Nameko" actually is.
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