Kickstarter: The Essential Otaku Guide to Tokyo
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Posted 6/27/15 , edited 6/27/15
Hello everyone,

A couple of friends of mine are working on The essential guide to the best manga, anime, game, figure and cosplay spots for people planning a trip to Tokyo, Japan.

About this project

When fans of anime and manga culture come to Japan they usually have a good idea of a few places they want to go to. Akihabara is often a starting point and there often are a number of spots people want to hit on the list from there. What else is there to do though? What other neat things are out there? This guide book is designed to broaden a travelers perspective and provide a deeper experience for the visitor to Tokyo who is interested in finding out more about otaku destinations.

If it's your first time coming out or you only come visit once in a while, you can find good spots to get to from a variety of sources. Information can be gathered from friends, online searches, conventions and other sources. There really isn't one place where you can go to get all of that information in a manageable format of up to date information at the moment. We strive to create that source where you can find out more about the places you want to visit and discover other spots that would interest you.

Tokyo is arguably the largest city in the world and assembling a general guide book in itself is a challenge. There are a good number of guides which will provide a broad array of information for people of different interests. We want to focus primarily on the otaku side of the city and we plan to approach it in a step by step fashion.

All three of us have differing backgrounds in the field and with the digital version of the book will begin with areas that have meaning for each of us - Nakano, Ikebukuro and Akihabara.

Each of these locales have unique characteristics in their own right. Nakano has more of a nostalgic feel to it with a host of shops in a very manageable location. Ikebukuro has its own flavor catering to the female anime fan and has developed quite a lot over the last few decades. Nothing can compare to the amoeba-like transformations that Akihabara has experienced and capturing this essence will be a delicious challenge. Of course there is so much more beyond these 3 locations in Tokyo but these will be our starting points.

The stories behind these spots and the growing history around the otaku culture itself is something we want to include. Why is Mandarake's head office in Nakano? What is a good maid cafe? How can I find a good cosplay event while I'm in town? This source will primarily appeal to the otaku fan but we want to arrange the contents in a way that anyone can pick it up and find valuable information.

Interesting, right?
Please give your support so that they can make this guide reality!
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Posted 7/21/15
Support given.
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Posted 12/25/16
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