Post Reply how do i put gifs as my profile picture
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Posted 6/29/15
i have tried but they turn out buggy
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Posted 6/29/15 , edited 6/29/15
Hi there,

This is actually a quite commonly asked question, the answer may hopefully be found in the following:

Uploaded GIF problems:
mwhitco91 provides an excellent writeup about the two problems commonly encountered with GIFs on Crunchyroll, in the Glitchy GIF Fixing group: /forumtopic-813617/how-to-identify-a-gifs-problem. For detailed information and advice on how to fix gifs, visit that thread in the group's forum.

In brief:

The gif has "static":
This is because of how CR handles transparency. In a program like Photoshop or GIMP you can export the file with transparency turned off. Then upload the new file on CR as usual.


Upload the original file to an image hosting site and link to it using the img BB Code.

Odd-looking profile pic after cropping:
deadpanditto (/forumtopic-890043/cant-upload-picture#49341775) provides this advice: "crop the image before uploading. The CR profile pic editor only crops the first layer resulting in a bad image."
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Posted 6/29/15

You can post your link to the buggy gif here and we can help you fix it
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