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Games you played as kids
Posted 6/29/15 , edited 6/29/15
I used to play this really weird one as a kid with my pals where you would slide under the garage until no one can make it across. Pretty dangerous, oh well. Modified version of the limbo? xD
Posted 6/29/15 , edited 6/29/15
I was really good at that game too bc nobody would ever find me hahaha
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F / New York
Posted 6/29/15 , edited 10/29/15
i played these lots of times with my cousins
.tic tac toe
.board games (monopoly and such)
.hot potato
.monkey in the middle
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22 / F / Earth .
Posted 6/29/15
Hide and go seek.


Kick ball.



Hungry hippos.


Microsoft paint.

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20 / M
Posted 6/29/15
I sometimes played tag, board games, or something random that was made on the spot. I mostly played video games though because I never lived near other kids and my parents often fought or weren't around to play. I have 2 brothers who I played with, but we didn't know of many games that most kids played, so we either made something up or played video games.

I eventually learned about what kids usually play, but they never appealed to me, so I stuck to video games.
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18 / F / Canada
Posted 6/29/15
A lot of card games like War, President, Spit, etc
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Posted 6/29/15
Monopoly, there were many fights,lol...
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23 / M
Posted 6/29/15
Throwing coins to the wall the one that get the coins near win all the coins.
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23 / M / Norway
Posted 6/29/15
Dodgeball on trampoline.
1 or 2 on the ground would throw balls at the ones jumping, and if you hit someone, you would change with that person.

Good times.

I spent the rest of my childhood stuck in water temple (Zelda ocarina of time)
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19 / New Jersey
Posted 6/29/15
It varied between pretending we were superheros and/or mermaids and/or robots, and aggressively hitting each other with sticks or other blunt objects. Eventually we switched the second option out for Smash (most of the time)
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Posted 6/29/15
Ooo another fun one that i still love to play is called Uncle Fritz (I actually don't know what it's called but that's what we always called it) But its a really fun sentence building game thats sort of like a Mad Lib and its super easy to play!

All you need is a couple of people (4-5 is a good number, less is alright, but the more people the more creative things you get)
And a sheet of paper (folded in fifths) and a writing utensil for everyone playing

So the way the game goes is there are 5 parts to each sentence: A title, a name, a verb, an adjective, and a prepositional phrase (I'll give examples in a second). But everyone starts out by writing down a title in the first section of their sheet of paper and when they finish it they fold that section back so the next person can't see it and pass it to whoever is sitting next to them. And you keep repeating this until everyone has written down their prepositional phrase in the last section after which the papers are traded around and read aloud to the group. And depending on who you're playing with, you'll probably end up with some weird stuff

Back to the sentence structure though:
All of the sentences will have the same format and no matter what kindof crazy thing someone wrote down, if it follows the pattern it'll fit into the sentence
For the Title: Use any proper noun that you'd like, but you can extend it out a little bit if you feel so inclined (Ex. Saint, Headmaster, Supreme and Righteous Overlord (Praise be Unto Them), That a**hole over there, etc. etc...)
For the Name: Feel free to use any name that you like honestly, be it a silly one or the name of someone that everyone recognizes or a character from a show
For the Verb: Try to use a verb that ends in an 's' but the more creative the verb the better (Ex. Skates, dances, farts, suplexes, screams, etc. etc...)
For the Adjective: Use this one to add some flavor! Pick a colorful adjective or phrase that adds character to any verb. (Ex. Noisily, begrudgingly, much like the common honeybee, with the intensity of 1000 suns, etc. etc...) Again, this is a key part to the hilarity of your sentences, so don't hold back
For the Prepositional Phrase: Okay, so essentially this part will give context to the whole rest of the sentence and is definitely the meat of the game. Try to outdo your friends in coming up with the most bizarre context! (Ex. in the middle of the highway, at the summit of Mount Everest, on the back of a midtown bus because it's bumpy, fully aware of the fact that they are standing in the center of a crowded room and everyone is looking at them, etc. etc...)

The final sentence could look something like this: Uncle Fritz Sits Happily in the bathtub

But it could also end up like this: Supreme and Righteous Overlord Chizuru farts with the intensity of 1000 suns, fully aware of the fact that they are standing in the center of a crowded room and everyone is looking at them

It's a really easy and fun game and i've always had a lot of fun with it so i figured i would share it with all of you!
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22 / M / Southaven MS, USA
Posted 6/29/15
5 games (video games) I can think were my fav as a kid.

-007 GoldenEye
-007 World's Not Enough
-MarioParty 2
-Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
-Mario 64

hmmmm....thanks Nintendo for the childhood. Wish you could have as good games today. I would say the Nintendo 64 made me a gamer.
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19 / M / California
Posted 6/29/15
Games I played A LOT as a kid...

Snakes and Ladders



Yu Gi Oh!

Pokemon Cards

Hide and Seek

Tag: Survival (We basically made our own rules of tag)

And re-enacting horror scenes every night before sleep.

Video Games

Pokemon Fire Red/Emerald/Red Rescue Team

Fire Emblem Series (Sacred Stones FAV!!!!)

Zoidz (Forgot which one :/)

Halo Franchise

And lastly, MABINOGI!

Oh and here's a photo of me playing Fire Emblem Sacred Stones recently... I missed the game so I wanted to do a full walkthrough of it... Again...

Lol I just love this game so much. I wish they would make an anime adaption.
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18 / M
Posted 6/29/15
A lot of smash bros on the N64, Mario Party, and KOTSP (King Of The Snow Pile), one team sat on the top of a pile of snow from being pushed by snow trucks, another team rushed and tried to get to the top, if you got hit by a snowball and were defending you would have to sit out for a bit, if you were attacking, you would have to go back to a preset place that acts as their base.
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30 / M
Posted 6/29/15

flyinggibbon wrote:

Bulldog seemed to be the playground game through my school life. Everyone would line up at one side of the playground and run across to other side. One person stands in the middle and 'tags' (well...takes down) as many people as they can and they join them in catching others until a winner is left standing or a group of teachers stopped the game. If too many people wanted to play then two teams would run across each other. Sounds daft but was good fun.

Makes me wish I was a kid again. I'd end up hurting myself, these days. hehe
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