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22 / Breaking 4th Wall
Posted 6/29/15
Hewwo there Nya~!

This is going to be our group introduction thread, so I thought it would be nice if I kicked things off and put some info out there about myself, and I hope the rest of you will follow suite and let us know a bit more about you!

So first off, I am 20 years old, my favorite character/waifu is Ruri Gokou "Kuroneko", I consider myself a Nekomimi, and I have been an Anime fan my entire life. I remember staying up WAY past my bed time just so I could catch the dubs of Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist (yes, the original one...if you actually give it a honest chance as a stand alone anime series it is actually quite good. Not as good as the remake, but still very much up there), Dragonball Z (yes, I did go through a very SHORT DBZ phase...), and more on tunami on cartoon network. I found myself loving these shows because they felt so much more interesting and gave me a much higher satisfaction to watch than anything else I found anywhere else. After watching Anime throughout the years, I found that shows I used to really love (Ed, Edd, and Eddie, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Scooby-Doo, etc. etc.) just weren't all that great anymore...and I stopped watching cartoons altogether because of that, finding myself either gaming or watching the History channel or National Geographic (keep in mind, I was 8 here...just saying). Well after a few years, History channel decided that history was boring and thought it would be great to just talk about aliens all day on 6 different shows with the occasional episode of Pawn Stars (yay! *insert sarcasm HERE*) to break it up, and I found myself channel surfing one late night and I found it...Sword Art Online.

Now let me be clear, up until that moment my entire Anime life had depended 100% on Tunami, and I had yet to even understand that it was even called "Anime", and the only other thing I still had a small hold onto the Otaku culture was through the few Manga I still enjoyed and would read through (again, not even knowing that was called "Manga"...just thought it was really interesting Japanese books). But the moment I began to watch episode 4 of SAO (I now know it was episode 4 because of the knowledge I have gained since then is massive and I can recall what I watched and compare that to episodes I have memorized in my head...did I mention I have great memory when it comes to things that don't help me much in day-to-day life?) ...I just knew I had found something special. I once again found myself tuning into Cartoon Network to say up late and watch Sword Art Online, loving the visuals, storyline, plot, characters, action, and so much more...and when it all came to an end (first half of season 1, that is) I found myself to be so sad I had no idea what to do. So I went online and googled "Sword Art Online" and that is when I discovered From there I have now dived head first into this beautiful land of Otaku, having multiple accounts spread throughout various other Anime/Manga/Gaming outlets and becoming a 100% addict. I went back through some places and got reaquanted with my old favorite shows like Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, and even one of the very few 'mecha' shows I enjoyed as a kid (one of the Gundam re-works for a modern day approach...quite interesting). But then I found so much more than that...I found myself watching things I would NEVER imagine someone like me to watch, never the less fall in LOVE with (Highschool DxD anyone? Hehehe). I have long ago past the point of no return and I am loving every a matter of fact, minutes ago (as I was writing the previous sentence!) I just got in my all time FAVORITE thing ever...MY RURI GOKOU "KURONEKO" T-SHIRT! Ah I am so happy I could die! yea, like I said I am past the point of no return. I do not watch un-animated television, I am actively keeping up with (way to many) manga, and I have become 100% invested in this lifestyle, wondering to myself how on earth did I not become an Otaku sooner? But just so we are clear, I identify as an Otaku, not a weeaboo. I do not run around saying "~desu" and all of that. I dress and act like any other normal human being (okay, maybe a bit more bubbly and happy than most, but still), I have a stable job in the security industry, and I am able to have conversations with people without feeling the need to bring my Otaku topics into I will say that I do plan on turning my giant lifted F-150 into a "Otaku-mobile" by finally putting a nice skin wrap on it, but I am still designing it and do not expect to be done ANYTIME soon (yes, I am designing it myself 100% from scratch. Every little detail will be my original work of art) but even then I still have my little car to drive me to work...okay fine I'll admit, after I get the wrap I will end up driving that truck everywhere...its going to be my own personal "mobile Kawaii Factor", how awesome is THAT people?! ...know what, don't judge me. Its awesome. hehehe

I have no "favorite shows", but I have noticed I do tend to like a few genres, most noticeably: Slice-of-Life, Romantic, Rom-Com, Action, and then quite a bit of eechi. I do tend to root for the Tsundere's and the Kuuderes most often (I understand their struggle...and the struggle is real! lol) but then every now and again a deredere comes in and makes a surprise attack on my heart strings. For the longest time I did not understand the whole "Yandere" thing...but just the other day I think I finally got it. Not saying I am or would like to be on the other end OF one...just saying I think I can somewhat kinda sorta see why some people like the idea. Other than the above mentioned Gundam series and then (one of my favs of all time) Gurren Lagann, I do NOT enjoy mecha shows at all...had a good friend of mine at work the other day trying REALLY REALLY hard to get me into "Code Geass" and "Fafner in the Azure"...but I just don't get the same feels for it as I do from watching some of my favorite shows like "Gosick" or "Fate/Stay Night" among others.

I am the creator and "Founding Otaku" of the group "Seriously Casual Otaku Land", and I started that group awhile back just to more or less have a small (or large, if it ever got to that point) group of people who understood and loved being a somewhat independent group that everyone could come into and talk about ANYTHING they wanted or needed to without any implied judgments. I wanted it to be a place where if someone wanted to start talking about how cute this character in this show was, THEY COULD DO THAT. Or if they wanted to show how happy they were that they just got their new figurine, then THEY COULD DO THAT! Anything at all regarding Anime or Manga or the Otaku culture in general would be welcome and nothing would be off limits as long as Crunchyroll didn't have a problem with it, and it wasn't meant to bully or insult fellow members. So far, we have 15 members and are still growing, with one of our senior members even starting up his own YouTube channel that reviews and discusses various games/anime and it's already beginning to pick up some steam (yay!).

I did not create CrunchyRoll Anime, but from what I understand this was an official Crunchyroll group and I was offered to take over as its head-honcho. I thought to myself "why not? Sounds fun!". My ultimate goal for this is to eventually turn it into the official un-official Crunchyroll fanbase/newsfeed/activity center, with cool events, exclusive prizes, live updates, and so much more. I wont be able to provide all of that overnight and due to my limited amount of time recently it might take a long while indeed...but I hope you and those that come after will be willing to try and help me out to make this place a great place to be!

As my closing to this extremely long (how did it get like!) introduction, I will say that if you want to know more about me, watch the show "Welcome to the NHK" and then you will pretty much understand my life in a nutshell (with a few key differences...but I wont ruin the fun ).

So now with ME out of the way, tell us a bit about yourself and what brought you here to CrunchyRoll Anime! Time to make some friends for life!
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