Do you see your favourite stories in the same light as you used to?
Posted 6/30/15
Not for me, at least for the most part.
I completely missed the theme of growing up in through the looking glass
and the tailor of Gloucester could be interpreted as child labour.
I still like them a lot but it's like reading them again for the first time.
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Posted 8/15/15
No, I've grown and the perspective is different.
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Posted 9/10/15
I would say that there are two major ways in which
my understanding of what I read as a kid has changed.

The first one is the most major change:
As a child, the scope of what I was reading was
much smaller. This is difficult to explain, but as a kid
it was easier to instill certain ideas and concepts into
my head because of my lack of preconceptions.
It was easier to see the mysterious wanderer
as mysterious. It was easier to see the out-of-scope
villain behind the villain as 'dangerous.'

Basically, I'm a bit less open to impressions. While
it allows me to look at a character from a loftier angle,
I would say the emotional impact, and consequently my enjoyment,
suffers a bit from this at times.

The second way is that as an adult, I am more prone to noticinIg
the flaws in stories I enjoyed.

I have never been a critic, and I am not know to nitpick when it
comes to a story I like, but nowadays I admit I can see issues
with a story where they once either only annoyed me as concepts, or
sometimes passed me by completely.

As a minor example, let's look at the Harry Potter stories.
It's not a huge issue in the first books, but in latter books
it becomes somewhat obvious...

Rowling has issues writing teenage boys.
When it comes to writing those boys as people,
she does well. But when it comes to writing them as
boys, she nails just about every stereotype in the book.
It's a little painful to read those parts of the series these days.
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Posted 11/19/15
The first manga books I started reading I still love. But books I used to like such as W.I.T.C.H and Jaqueline Wilson books I wouldn't enjoy now. I also read all the Twilight books. At the time I liked them but now...meh
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Posted 12/25/16
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