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Posted 6/30/15 , edited 7/1/15
Members Need Problems Update thread!

Nothing annoys honest hard working people who pay to watch anime!

There should be a problem thread ( maybe the most reported ) or CR is aware of and status / updates !

Also when CR does an update we should know ! Maybe even a link on the home page !

I think we at least deserve that!
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Posted 7/5/15 , edited 7/5/15
Pinning threads for recurrent issues and posting status updates does sound like a great idea... under the hopeful but probably unwarranted assumption that they're actually being worked on. For myself, I stopped bothering after seeing the umpteenth thread for the same problem on multiple issues, with little or no effort being made to actually address the causes.

In particular, I've given up since not even lip service is given for streaming issues / lagginess / etc no matter how many people report the same thing after trying every solution CR offers. The Site Which Must Not Be Named may actually be doing CR a favor, imo. They nominally provide what CR can't (the ability to download and replay is obvious, but for quite a while CR can't even offer the ability to stre - am - wi - thout - con - stant - stu - tter- ing)... but I've stayed on as a CR subscriber because that's where they're getting it from and it's only fair.

If CR actually is doing something about it instead of being "refocused" on other genres after the no-really-it's-not-a-buyout that we were promised would change nothing, it would be nice to know. Heck, even knowing that one engineer is being allowed to research the problem (and be listened to) would help, even if her updates are weekly and usually consist of "Trying new approach, last one didn't work either. Not giving up!"
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