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Another "Is it Worth it?" Topic.
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Posted 7/1/15
1: Is Crunchyroll worth it? if I only plan to watch some of the bigger shows (meaning, only some of the larger series are of any interest in the listings) (from a financial standpoint 7$ a month seems a lot better than buying DVDs or watching piss poor streaming quality for free)
2: Do they not keep a catalogue of older series?
3: What is the reasoning behind this, if so, and will it be subject to change?
4: WHY is there a flood of generic rom-coms and fantasy shounen?! If I have to hear a loli stutter “B-baka!” one more time I’m going to murder someone. (Just not my thing…)
5: Seriously… No Cowboy Bebop? Not even Steins;Gate?

I would say without a doubt it is worth it, even at the Premium+ level (yea I know pretty much everyone dropped the plus when they gave most of the benefits to premium members, but I am hoping they will give the plus members something new soon), If I watch three or four current series a season, and sneak in binge watching one or two season of older series, a month. Then you are talking like a quarter per episode. Seriously can anyone complain about that.

I do wish they had a bigger library of older series to stream, but licencing those series cost money, and really you should be able to get a taste of the series one place or another and if you love them support them by picking up the complete series for $50 on BRD. But at the same time if would be nice to have older series rotating in and out every 3 months or so, so I can catch up on some older series that I am just not ready to add to my collection . . . yet.

Why do studios (and thus Crunchyroll) punch out so many Romantic Comedy's and Fantasy Shounen, well these are the shows people are willing to pay for, buy the packs of 2 or 3 episodes as they come out , or at the very least pick up each season as they are released. Ultimately we vote with our dollars (or yen, marks, pounds, euros . . .)

You want more of the style you like, when they are released pick up the Blue rays, get the figures, pick up the licensed phone case. They will produce more shows that have sales, and make them money, than shows they loose money on.

Seriously pick up those older series when they are released, they look good on the shelve (or shelves), especially with the odd Figma put between them.
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Posted 7/1/15
CR premium is worth it if you are hooked on new shows and cant wait for the next week episode. I was regular user for awhile then I kept noticing how premium users can watch shows or episodes sooner. That is marketing genius wonder how many people got sucked in to that reason or feature don't think I am alone.
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Posted 7/1/15 , edited 7/1/15
A quadrillion thanks to everyone who answered! I had no idea CR and Funimation were competitors, but that clears up a lot of my confusion. I work a ton, so the 7$ extra a month (which really just amounts to me going to the burger joint one less time a month) is negligible, and for the sheer quantity of content I’d say it’s worth it.

I may just have to give Funimation a try, as well. My DVD/Blu-Ray collection is quite large already, now that I go through it seems most were Funimation titles as well, but it’s just getting to the point where all the shows I want to watch are either so old or “cult-classic” that you can’t find them anywhere for less than a fortune. (I.E. Kachou Ouji/ The Legend of Black Heaven goes for around $90+ on Amazon right now…for a 13 episode series made 20 years ago.)

Regardless, thanks again everyone!

EDIT: Also, YES Rurouni Kenshin! I remember watching that forever ago, good times.
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Posted 1/26/17
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