How Eiichiro Oda saved my life....
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How Eiichiro Oda saved my life...

It was during my freshman year that I received grim news from my school's nurse. All students were receiving
standard checks for a spinal deformity known as scoliosis. Most people are aware of friends that may have it, but
unfortunately by the time I decided to have surgery my back had a curvature of over 50 degrees in both directions,
effectively making my back resemble a very large and stretched out S. Then, it was time to undergo to operation.
Early November of 2012, my parents and my doctor convinced me to go through with the operation. The next morning I awoke in a pitiful state. It took me an entire day, constantly trying, just to stand up because, after that kind
of surgery you aren't allowed to rest as your muscles get considerably weaker, and you run the risk of never
standing again. I was released the same day and the surgery was a success. Over the next few months it was a
struggle to find a bed I could lay somewhat comfortably on. We tried everything from regular beds to a hospital bed,
and wound up settling for a blow up mattress with an foam overlay to be comfortable. I was mostly bedridden for six
months struggling to sit up and eat, and especially to take a shower, but I powered through it. Needless to say
through this time I felt like I'd never get my life back. I felt as though I'd be mostly bedridden for life or even
if I got up I'd be struggling to walk each day. After two months, I could get up for long enough to make a hot pocket,
but when lifting a tea jug to pour a drink I'd almost fall every time. With all of these factors bearing on my psych
I began becoming more and more depressed. Several times I found myself holding a knife again my stomach wondering if it would be worth it to forego my life and religion just to end the pain and misery I was experiencing, and I got closer each time pressing harder with every new encounter. However, being in the state I was in I watched alot of television. I recently got into anime and found an old anime from my childhood that I loved. So, I was probably at
water seven when I was released from the hospital. I caught up to the impel down arc at the peak of my depression,
and after advancing to marineford and seeing Luffy so sad, and ace dead, I got even more depressed. Then, I reached the side arc where my life changed forever. It was so simple, yet I never realized it. Luffy was in a severe state of depression, just as I was, after he lost ace. Then, he got into a fight with the schichibukai Jimbe, and Jimbe
told him not to focus on your losses, but focus on what you still have, and those things that you can still live for.
So, I did and very shortly after that my depressing faded and life slowly got better, but I wasn't fully convinced
that I was healed yet as I still doubted life. The very next year, my father, who I loved very much, became a victim
of mother nature as he drowned to death at his favorite river. As weird as it sounds this is how I knew my time of
depression was over as I handled it like a champ. Sure I cried a bit, he was my father after all, but I was happy
for him as we are Christians we believe in life after death, and a Utopia for god's followers. At this point I
knew that my life had been saved thanks to the wonderful work of Eiichiro Oda, and all of the people who helped
animate his works including Toei Animation, and Funimation.

p.s. I know this probably isn't possible, but I would very much like this work to reach at least one of the three who helped me overcome my depression. Eiichiro Oda, Funimation, or Toei Animation. I was going to write the letter to Oda himself, but I don't know his fan mail address and it would probably go unread anyways. So thanks for reading whoever took the time.

Special Thanks to, Eiichiro Oda, Funimation, and Toei Animation.
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heyyyy good for u men.. u never know it might just reach them
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You should probably ask Viz Media if it's possible to send a fan letter from the states to Japan. I know for a fact that Oda loves hearing stories about how his work touches people's hearts and changes their lives. He will probably be happy to hear that his work even reaches people outside of Japan.
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If it were me, I'd go full creep on the company and try to contact someone in my spare time.
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