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im going to turn 18 in august.
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19 / F / England
Posted 7/8/15
Happy birthday in the future! I am also turning 18 in august!
Posted 7/9/15
Many people will try to put you down to further themselves.
So it's like high school only talent is now recognised.
Posted 7/12/15
Happy birthday to you.i'm also turning 18 this august.
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Posted 7/13/15
Some secrets about turning 18:

-Voting is actually not real at all; when you turn 18, they pick a random choice for whatever it is the vote is for and slap your name on it.

-When you turn 18, you actually have to fill in the scantron completely when it comes to tests; it's the only way to get 100%.

-You get your second driver's license, which lets you pilot school buses, armored cars, and pretty much anything bigger/heavier than the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.

-You are automatically able to lift 100 lbs more than you were before. Go on, try it out.

-Black coffee tastes amazing now.

-Over 18 people don't actually smoke cigarettes; that's just a clever ruse to make them seem disgusting. You're actually supposed to eat cigarettes.

-You are automatically allergic to pollen. If you are already allergic to pollen, well now you're double allergic.

-It's now your job to tell people that you have beat Time Crisis in arcade. Doesn't matter which one, just tell them you beat it.

-You have automatically seen, and are still slightly puzzled by Neon Genesis Evangelion. When talking about it to people, just talk about random stuff; it happened in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Hope that helps.
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Posted 7/13/15
All you need to know is that there's no real difference between when you turn 18 and the day before you turn 18. You get to smoke (Yay, you can legally give yourself health problems!). Honestly, I'm 20 right now and, aside from paying bills and crap, I don't feel any different from when I was 17.
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Posted 7/13/15 , edited 7/13/15
drink alcohol maybe?
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Posted 7/15/15
Congratulations!! I hope you have a great time celebrating your 18th birthday!

My suggestion:

1. No matter how much money you make, set some aside for savings. Open a savings account and deposit as much as you can. Never touch it. I recommend a Credit Union instead of a Bank. Once you have a sizable amount, roll it over into a mutual fund. You can continue to add to the fund or open another.

2. A degree is not essential to be successful. If a degree is what you want, than go for it. A degree will open doors for you but it will not bring you success. Determination does.

3. Be true to yourself. Don't change your personality to fit because you think you have to. Be you.
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Posted 1/8/17
Forum clean up. Closing all threads from 2015.
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