idk what to watch
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I want a list of good anime to watch, i will watch any genre. Thanks for the help
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I will try to do my best of making a decent list with my personal comments about the anime with no spoilers at all, it'll be a pretty jumbled mess and some will be new and others may be years old.

Accel World - Good story, wtih a decent character development with the main character, not so much with the supporting characters though.

Akame ga Kill! - People get cut in half, story is eh. Its like GoT (never read/watched it but I know everyone dies) but with everyone dying in the same way, by being cut in half.

Angel Beats! - First half funny, second half sad, good if you want to feel sad for a while.

Waiting in the Summer - If you wonder what its like to love an alien, a literal alien.

Another - One of the best horror animes I've ever seen. Worth the watch if you like horror.

Baccano! - Mafia, immortals, crazy people, takes place in the 1940's, not in order at all, a very good over looked anime.

B Gata H Kei - Girl just failing to get laid, its pretty funny if you like crude humor.

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad - Slice of Life, will probably make you want to learn guitar if you don't know how to play it.

Black Lagoon - Vulgar language, gun fights, crazy women having gun fights. Whats more to love?

Blood Lad - Otaku vampire. What more is there to say.

Chaos;Head - It'll make your brain hurt.

Steins;Gate - It'll make your brain hurt even more, its about time travel, same universe as Chaos;Head.

Robotic;Notes - Gotta build a Gundam! Same universe as Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head.

Code Geass - I command you to watch this. I have no words to explain how amazing it is.

Cowboy Bebop - If you haven't watched this you are a failure.

Darker Than Black - No more real night sky, just people with super powers and a giant gate to hell.

Durarara!! - Same creators as Baccano! Very well done in every category, should watch this, season 3( I guess maybe its still 2) is coming out soon.

FLCL - Again, if you haven't seen it, you are a failure, its 6 episodes.

Golden Boy - College dropout, he is smart, he likes learning, its pretty funny. Its also 6 episodes long.

Guilty Crown - Its just amazing, an anime where it sucks to be the main character, he gets two choices, both seem pretty bad.

GTO - The best high school teacher ever. One of my favorites. Well worth the watch.

Hunter-x-Hunter - Both the original and the 2011 remake. Original takes longer and ends earlier than the remake, but the remake rushes through what the original did in half the time, with about 100 episodes to cover the last arc.

Mirai Nikki - Want to be a God? Want to have a stalker that will kill people for you? No. No you don't. Its bloody, people die. Im sure you've seen Yuno somewhere.

MM! - its probably hard to find, but its one of the funniest things I've seen.

Nisekoi - Good Romcom. Everyone has a favorite character in the harem.

No Game No Life - Its colorful, it makes you think.

Noragami - What its like to be a unknown god of war in a peaceful Japan. The fights are amazing, ending is great, season 2 comes out in a few months.

s-CRY-ed - Its one of my favorites. Its kinda old, the story is amazing, the characters are great.

Tokyo ESP - Good Espers vs. Bad Espers that want to kill everyone.

Ga:Rei Zero - Bloody mess. Takes place in an alternate universe (I think) than Tokyo ESP

Tokyo Ghoul - Its kinda rushed, but the fights are amazing.

Toradora! - One of my favorite romcoms. I can't say anything without ruining it, so I will just say watch it.

Blast of Tempest - Fairly well done story, worth the watch.

and finally

The Monogatari series - I don't remember the order of them, its about 6 seasons long. If you like reading subs, a very interesting plot, amazing art work, and very interesting characters this is for you.

And if you want just a somewhat full list of things I've watched just PM me.
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