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scoobydew wrote:

papagolfwhiskey wrote:

GayAsianBoy wrote:

To stay true to the genre. Like a sci-fi shouldn't become a drama or romance in the middle. It messes the flow of the story.

To me Sci Fi is more of a setting than a genre. very rarely does the advancement of knowledge and human achievement be the sole focus of an anime plot. Usually there is some form of action or drama to propel the story. Usually. (I'm sure you can find exceptions)

I agree always puzzled by sci-fi genres so you have a setting then you need drama for story? I guess we humans are simple minded thus we name a channel here on TV called SCI-FI channel

Weather or not they weild swords and spells, modern weapons, or laser beams, what drives most shows is weather or not the boy gets the girl, or the hero wins the day.

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