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Hiring friends to join us at Anime Expo
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Posted 7/2/15

pakutheotaku wrote:

Hello otakus, nerds, and geeks!
Me and a group of friends is planning to go Anime Expo next year and is hoping if any of you would like to join us!
However to join you must fit this description and if you do not then we are sorry, but we cannot take you.

1) Must be a party girl (or someone that is very fun to hangout with) or an orderly girl (to make sure we don't get into trouble)
Note: If both then we don't mind

2) Age must be from 7-12

3) Height must be under 4"6

4) Must address all of us as onii-chan

5) Must be willing to style their hair into pigtails

6) If you fit all of this then feel free to contact us

NOTE: This is all a joke to see if anyone actually fits this description and should not be taken seriously

If it were not a joke, but a more appropriate request related to AX 2016, this would belong in the Conventions & Events forum, not General Discussion.

Since it is a joke and not a discussion topic, it is not really appropriate for General Discussion either, especially if someone failed to get the joke, or felt the joke was in bad taste. Therefore I've closed the thread.
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