Max's Big Bust - Anime Visual Novel
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Posted 7/2/15 , edited 7/3/15
Hey everyone!

I'm Lachlan Snell, and I'm the author of the VN Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme. I'm posting here because I've just launched a Kickstarter for my new game, Max's Big Bust - A Captain Nekorai Tale, and considering it has animated segments and there's been a bunch of really good gender bender anime lately, I figured I'd post here.

Unlike GBDNATE, Max's Big Bust has an anime art style drawn by professional Japanese artists. There's over 35 unique characters in the cast, dozens of different locations to visit, heaps of investigations to solve, and in total the game will be approximately 30-40hrs. It even has full animation!

The Kickstarter has been going for a few days now, and it's already 40% of the way to it's goal. At this rate we'll be able to hit a few stretch goals, which will add even more animated sequences to the game. Plus a waterpark sequence!

If anyone's got any questions about the project, let me know!

Cheers :)
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