Eureka Seven AO, it is so bad and yet beautiful.
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Posted 7/4/15
To clarify: The anime is good
The reason I titled this as such is because of the way the story was represented. The characters and the story was good, but the story seem to me that it couldn't decide whether to rely on the original.

So to clarify(again), the Main character is Ao Fukai; a young outcast living on an island, that at the time is suffering from political instability. Being as he is generally accepted by his peers and elders he mostly stays out of the way. Sound Familiar? One of the biggest reasons i kept watching this anime was the way it as telling Ao's story; and how it seems so familiar to his fathers story; which is the main plot of Eureka Seven.

So ill zoom out and take a birds eye view.
1) a young man, barely a teen. Ao is 13 years old. Renton was 14.
2) Thrust into action by circumstances that his parents brought on. Ao ride Mark 1 to save his friend. Renton brings the AMITA Drive to Eureka to activate and fully awake the Type 0
2.5) with astonishing wonder and grace does he begin his fight. Ao riding the long coveted type 1, as a rookie pilot defeat the G Monster. Renton, CUT BACK DROP TURN!
3) Let us chase Eureka. Ao in hope of finding his mother joins Generation Bleu. Renton joins Gekko State to protect his grampa and Eureka.
4) Crying like a child. Both display a sense of childlike indignation to the adult world and the circumstances they are facing
5) Still crying, but with fists up. Both carry their childlike behavior into battle, being reckless and fool-hearty about war.
6) My idol is nothing more than a lie. The adults in both boys life are two-faced. On the outside they seem powered by greed and adult desires, but are al around good people, wearing wolf's clothing.
7) My wish come true. Both boys with new friends and rivals come to understand what they want. in those moments of clarity they also see the price that has to be paid.
8) Power is such a strange thing. They both know that they are powerful, and that power is an asset to those around them. Then they use it for themselves.
9) Damn. both are crushed under their power and neither can help themselves to feel burden by their successes and failures. they have grown up and realized that they have responsibilities that make things more complicated, but still rely on their childish nature to push them forward.
10) Ending it all with a smile. At the peak of world altering destruction the decision is made with help of their best friends and long awaited family. they decided that they have to lose it all if they hope to save anything.

NOW, i did say is was good. I did say the characters were represented badly. The reason I say this: In Eureka Seven the character were forced to grow up and learn to take responsibility for their feelings and their work. Every character. In Eureka Seven AO, the characters made anime promises with shady people for the sake of advancing the "Political Instability" plot. Eureka Seven was a lovely and heart piercing drama about two lovers that want to be together but need to figure out what "being together" means. Eureka Seven AO is basically, everybody wants power and Eureka, Nirvash, and in turn Ao are the best means to that end.

The saving grace of the anime was the last three episode. Not because Renton shows up and explains all the complicated shit that been going down, but because with the return of Eureka and Renton to the series we get to see that Eureka Sevens ending had a problem. If all is well and good the what happens next. In reality, the Eureka Seven ended on a high not and with some ambiguity. But as it turns out, a human and a Coralian can love and make children, but after years of evolution, the planet was not a suitable place for a child of the two. So Eureka needed to have a child somewhere else; like Earth twelve millennia in the past. With the sky open and the sad truth in view, much like his father, Ao takes the helm and makes the difference.

The characters in Eureka Seven AO are not very likable. The story is good and the animation is top. but the ending made this a good show. I guess unless i just WANT to like it too much.

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Posted 7/4/15 , edited 12/3/17
The series could have definitely done without it.

Everything in it made my brain hurt.

The girl likes or doesn't like Ao. Then she ends up working with the evil god like guy, who turns out to be an AI, but when Ao changes the past becomes his friend and the girl becomes an eco-terrorist. ><

Too many characters with too many stupid plots that have nothing to do with each other, like of conflict, very little atmosphere. It's a disgrace to the original which was simply enjoyable to watch.
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Posted 7/4/15
it wasn't that good lol

gravity boys and lifting girl was better imo
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Posted 7/4/15
Best part out of watching AO when it came out was to see Eureka and Renton again. That was THE main reason I stuck with it. Beyond that it was confusing as hell to watch.
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Posted 7/4/15
It was sooooooooooooooo disapointing
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Posted 7/2/16

I hated the endings to both Eureka Seven and AO, but for different reasons.

First off, Eureka Seven is by far one of my favorite animes. It was an outstanding blend of both action and romance, but unlike in AO, the anti-government side of the plot was very well-crafted, which may have been helped by the fact that the governmental faction in E7 was fictional, but nevertheless, it didn't come off as grating. Also, unlike in AO, E7 managed it's plot and subplots a lot better. I went into the show thinking it was going to involve a much more docile story about an anarchistic group who get into shenanigans with the government because their love surfing the sky and being free to do so conflicts with the stuck-up regime, along with being a coming-of-age story for Renton. To my very pleasant surprise, it was that and so much more, and it all fit together very well, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire show. The pace of and intensity of the events in the show were perfect for keeping the viewers on the edge of their seat, it had a very aesthetically pleasing style of visuals and music, I genuinely cared about all the side characters of the show, the romances were sweet, but not goopy (well, Renton's and Eureka's got a little goopy, but it made sense for two teenagers). Theeeeeeen the ending happened, and I felt a heart-throbbing mix of satisfaction for Renton and Eureka, but extreme disappointment in how the show ended overall, but that's for a discussion on a different forum post.

As you could imagine, I was extremely eager to see what the universe of Eureka Seven could bring me next, and when I went into AO, expected a smooth, nicely-paced exposition, I got a mess of What's with the technology? Does this take place in the past? How? Why are these characters being thrown at me like I should know them already? Where's Eureka and Renton? Where is anybody familiar? etc. The more I watched, the more questions I had, until I had amassed an avalanche of confusion. The show just didn't seem to know what it wanted to be. It's almost like BONES had completely forgotten what made the execution of the original so great. I, just like so many of the fans, wanted to see a whole lot more of Eureka and Renton. I also wanted a better explanation for why the secrets weren't around in the original, along with a better explanation for why the scub corals were now the enemy, and why Eureka and Renton alone were wanting to destroy them. Overall, AO gave me the feeling I felt with E7's ending, except throughout the entire show, and then some. For me, I had wished they would have taken more time to truly tie this into the original a lot better, and gave us a story much more similar to the style of the original. Perhaps even setting AO further into the future when there was the great exodus of humanity off Earth. The original had SO many subplots it could have worked with and fleshed out the past of. But, oh well. AO has already happened and it's here to stay.
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Posted 1/1/18
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