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Posted 7/5/15
i have just gone premium on this site today and the anime side of the site is great but the manga is terrible for me every manga i try and read has loading issues where it will permanently load random pages of every manga sometimes if i refresh multiple times it fixes it or if i wait for a long time but often pages just wont load and i am forced to skip pages of the manga ruining the story for me and making me resort to using other sites just because i miss so much of the story, is anybody else having this issue? i have seen a lot of people saying they are having issues with error codes popping up but im not getting that just infinite load times on pages
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Posted 7/6/15
It's happening right now for me on at least three series. Seriously, why does this keep on happening?
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Posted 7/9/15
Same here, I usually read a lot on wednesday but I'm having infinite loading circles everywhere.
Posted 7/10/15
Happening to me as well on the site, except no loading anything just a big '!' in the center.
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