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SOLEIL LAZWALD { crozgea }

In her childhood, Soleil was a very shy and timid girl who turned to crying tantrums whenever she felt uncomfortable. It wasn't because she was a brat or wanted to spite anyone, it was just who she was and she hated every time she showed weakness to anyone. She was dependent upon others to do simple tasks for her and even more dependent should these tasks be more difficult though there was one thing that she excelled at - swordsmanship. Though her physique was worse than a stick, her agility and skill with swords outshined any other who chose the sword as their skill. And by using her talent, she worked on becoming strong and unreliant on others. Coupled with her father's advice to smile even in the worst of situations, Soleil Lazwald grew up to be a very fit, very optimistic person. she learned to smile in every situation and to shun away bad thoughts should they start to invade her mind. She no longer cries and instead laughs at even the most unfortunate of things and her brightness serves as a beacon of hope to those who support her. However on her journey to adulthood, she learned something about herself that both scared and intrigued her. Soleil discovered she was bisexual (more attracted to women than men but still harboring some attraction to the opposite sex.) Her ultimate weakness and most rewarding pleasure is to pick up beautiful chicks and ask them out on dates. Despite this unusual character trait, she openly shows it and just laughs off anyone else that insults her orientation. In short, she just loves cute girls! Soleil became a freelance mercenary and spends her days traveling around the three nations and her current adventure brings her to Coblen.

✦ 22

✧ Crozgea

✦ Coblen

✧ Human

✦ Freelance Mercenary


✢ . ✣ . ✤ . ✥ . ❊
Seal of the Freelance
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You should finish this when your ready.
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