Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Season 4 Anticipation
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Posted 7/6/15 , edited 7/6/15

The fourth season of Uta no Prince-sama TV anime has been officially confirmed now:

Official site:
Posted 7/6/15
It's time for HEAVENS. Hoping they get focused on a lot in this new season. I will await for it patiently.

Also, thank you as always Stark for making so many threads and putting effort into spreading news around and so on. You're always a great help!
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Posted 7/6/15
I hope Heavens doesn't get focused on too much. I still watch this show for Starish. But judging by season 3 I won't get my wish.

Season 3 didn't work as well for me as seasons 1 and 2. I just don't like Quartet Night much. Their personalities don't appeal to me and I don't think their voices go well together so their songs tend to grate on me.

If they do the same thing with season 4, whole episodes focused on members of Heavens plus Haruka, I probably won't watch it.
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Posted 10/16/15
This is great! Been waiting. I really do not like Heavens all that much. I watch for Starish as well. Though I don't mind Quartet Night. I happen to like ROT.
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Posted 9/30/16
Closed because superseded by later thread after several months of inactivity:

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