When do you decide a show is a favorite?
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Posted 7/6/15
Is it when you finish it and the ending blew you away and/or filled you with various emotions? Maybe perhaps it is a series that you have watched for a while and it meets your expectations almost every episode?

True some break into the bottom of my favorites list with an ending alone, but for me a show climbs the favorite rank sometime after its conclusion. My all time favorite, Gosick, had me thinking about it for about a month and then I rewatched it and got the same feeling by the end of it. As of right now, Plastic Memories is doing this to me. It's been a little over a week since the finale, and I literally can't stop thinking about it. Here I thought Fate/Stay Night UBW was going to be my show of the season (maybe even the year), FSN is what got me back into anime btw, but Plastic Memories is the one that just won't leave my thoughts. Don't get me wrong UBW was just simply amazing, but the story of Isla and Tsukasa kinda wins. For the love of god I just woke up from having a dream about watching PM and it having an extra 3-4 minutes added on to the ending....and I am trying to to spoil anything here but WORDS CAN'T DESCRIBE HOW BAD I WANTED THOSE 3-4 MINUTES TO BE REAL!!

So ya to some up what shoots shows up the favorites ladder, and into masterpiece land for me is the lasting effect a show has on me. Something that makes me think about it for quite some time after the conclusion. Something that would make me want to watch it again in a heartbeat. Too me, Plastic Memories cemented itself as a masterpiece. There is one more tier above masterpiece and only 2 things reside there, Gosick and the Fate series. Not sure what I can call it, but for me it feels like something that becomes a part of me....if that cheesiness makes any sense. Will something like Plastic Memories ever join those two? I guess I will see how I feel about it in a month or so............shit, just remembered I ordered 2 Isla shirts and they come out next month.....well it has the potential lol

If any of you read this far, thank you. I wrote this mostly due to just waking up from the Plastic Memories dream, and kinda wanted to write something like this for a while.
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Posted 7/6/15 , edited 7/6/15
Hmm, I guess it depends on the feelings it gives me.

Alot of shows seem to be boring to me now because I have seen so much anime (over 300 shows now). But shows that break the mold and do something unique tend to stick with me.

The thing that normally gets me really into a show is a scene like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDF6xb4UwMQ To this day as soon as the soundtrack comes in chills run down my spine, and my heart starts to race and I get pumped up beyond belief and it just reminds me "this is why I fucking love anime".

I guess I just love stuff that gives me a rush. Its hard to explain, but watch that clip and that will prob make you feel the same.

I think a perfect soundtrack is normally what makes an anime into one of my favorites; a soundtrack that is perfectly fitting for the scene its made for, and one that evokes emotions in the viewer.
Posted 7/6/15
To me , i think just overall the soundtrack and storyline.
For example , D-gray man , or karneval
the plot's on those anime's are just heartbreaking that tend to pull me in
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Posted 1/26/17
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