Anime Recommendation: Twelve Kingdoms
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Posted 7/7/15
Twelve Kingdoms

*For those looking for an action anime to watch, look elsewhere.

Twelve Kingdoms is one of my favorite animes of all time, and rightfully so since its one of the best narrative experiences I've had the pleasure of watching. Spanning 45 episodes, there is never a dull moment as it follows different characters as they grow, change, and move on towards the goal they have set themselves. If I may use the word, I would say its a heroic epic about Yoko as she comes to terms with life around her, and how she copes with it. Along the way, we get to see how the others important to the story grow. I said above that if you are looking for an action anime, this is not for you, because... Its very dialogue intensive and is more about the political power struggles that goes on behind the scenes and strife. War and battles do take place, but its not the defining moment of the series. In this case, in the video, a supporting character that is fleshed out through an amazing amount of detail a lot of animes nowadays lack, is brought to a tragic end.

I would rate this 10/10 personally.

Twelve Kingdoms is an incredibly detailed world and the backstory is amazing. The light novels its based on are massive in scope and comparable to Guin Saga. The anime is but a brief arc in the massive scale that is Twelve Kingdoms, and while the novels touch on other characters too to resolve their conflicts and bring them to a resolution, Queen Kei and her two friends journey is only half over. The oriental soundtrack of Twelve Kingdoms is one of the best soundtracks I've heard and fit the anime incredibly well. Its also one of many animes I prefer to watch in dubbed.

I hope you give this masterpiece a watch.
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Posted 1/26/17
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