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Character Creation
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HIATUS // Zone 3
Posted 1/25/16 , edited 1/30/16
another bishie chara. Again.

codings @ -Cipher

Fukumaru Yun. 09 //119 (chronologically). Ex Coalition Member. Kitsune. Male. 178 cm. Rank S. 4'9 // 6'0.

The Demon King past
  • A former member of a rebellion group that opposes the government, Yun was once dubbed as the "Demon King" amongst his peers for his outrageous magical strength. He, however, was shown a vision by his deceased beloved, that by his wrathful fire, she would perish on his own hand. It scared him, because despite him stopping to use his power and leaving the group, his beloved was still killed, not by his hand, but by a tengu who was a radical member of Exilian Coalition. He exacted revenge that causes him to exhaust his power and in order to survive, he regressed into being a young kitsune with his mind being a clean slate, that ended up in the care of a man named Stellan Novak.

  • Personnage
  • As a regressed kitsune, Yun is a cheerful, naive and guillable child who loved Stellan to pieces, looking up to him as a an older brother. He usually wears a hat or a beanie to avoid arrest from the Royal Militia. However, if his older self was awaken, he could be ruthless, cunning and authoritative, a complete opposite of his child self.

  • Hell Hath Fury Ability
  • The ability of summoning creatures from Hell and using hell fire to aid him whenever he wishes to. The strength of it varies depending on the will of the user. If the user is too weak, however, the summoned creature who kill the user and eat their soul as a price of not taming the summoned beast properly.

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