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Posted 7/9/15 , edited 7/9/15
I have an issue I would like to resolve concerning the ethnicity options. In that First Nations is not considered a valid choice but rather I had to enter Native American. My people have lived on the continent the European settlers would later call North America long before it was called North America. And while I am a generally forgive and forgot kinda of guy I have no wish to identify myself as belonging a culture not my own as I am not of European descent and thus do not consider myself American in any shape or form.
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Posted 7/9/15 , edited 7/9/15
As with most systems, it is unfortunately limited. Personally, I'm Scottish, Blackfoot, German, and a bunch of other things, so it's hard to list within any system given how evenly I'm mixed.. that's why I don't list anything as my ethnicity here. The gender options are similarly limited, but on the other hand, the ethnicity is only listed on your profile page to begin with, so you can describe yourself much more fully there in your description, at least.
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