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CR Instant Messenger?
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Posted 7/10/15

TheOmegaForce70941 wrote:

Someone could technically just make a app like that, it's not really that hard. The only problem whit a non official app would be the risk of giving your password away to some douche and CR might DSMA the app off google play and the app store

Zeidus wrote:

Hibsterr wrote:

I would prefer if they had group streaming. People could go into some kind of party system and watch an anime together.

That would be pretty cool actually. I know Netflix for gaming consoles used to have that option. You could be in a live chat party and watch movies at the same time with a group of online friends. I wonder how much changes and programming the website would have to make in order to integrate?

If you're talking about a feature internally integrated on the CR website then a LOT of work would've to go into such a thing. However if they made a independent app for smartphones or consoles then they would just have to make the feature work on those systems which also would take a lot of time and money, just not as much as making it into a integrated feature on the website.

My concern for CR if they did such a thing would be the design aspects since you can pretty easily have a functional service that looks horrible. So they would probably have to spend time on the design aspects, which I'm uncertain if CR wants xD

That's what I was thinking! And yes I meant integrated into the website. I figured there would be a lot of work indeed, and a lot of money being spent on the design and functionality of the whole thing. It'd be quite a pricey situation to add to the website I imagine. Not many companies take that route unless their specific purpose is live streaming and live chat like Twitch or Tinychat. If CR ever gets the money for it, or can turn it into something profitable, it'd be a pretty cool feature that's for sure!
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