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Posted 7/10/15

So I decided to wait a little bit before making a post on this Anime. I am a huge fan of Rumiko Takahashi' work ranging from Ranma 1/2 to Inuyasha mostly because I love love love Akane and I am also a huge fan of Rin and Kikyo( haters are gonna hate).

Rin-ne is no different.

Spoilers ahead

Based on an already popular manga ( at 207 chapters currently) Rin-ne is about a Shinigami/Human name Rokudou and a Human name Sakura Mamiya . The main character for the most part seems to be Rokudou.

Basically its much like Inuyasha where there is a problem due to someone's fuck up that needs to be fixed .

In this case its Rokudou father who puts his son into so much debt that he spends most of his time capturing Damashigami (bad spirits that try to take your soul before your time) to pay it back. These attempts to pay back the debt are often thwarted as Rokudou' father still manages to steal money from him. This is a slightly annoying plot as it just seems like the main character is being unnecessarily fucked with for no reason.

Also shitty dads are not cool.

Now after 11 episodes I figured this anime would become a lot less one dimensional , but sadly it has not yet. I am hoping that there will be more to this anime than just a very bella swan type female character that is represented by Sakura, and a very socially/romantically awkward main character Rokudou.

Please stop making these animes .... they get boring really quickly and aren't appealing to any kind of depth or feeling.

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