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Post Reply Queue Constantly messing up?
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Posted 7/13/15
My queue has been messed up for some time now. I've tried some of the work-around fixes suggested in the forum, and so far they've only worked temporarily. At best, the order lasts for at least a few hours of watching, but is out of order when I come back the next day. At worst, it doesn't last at all, and simply reloading the queue web page will cause shows to re-order themselves. This is a problem in general, and I think it's a bigger problem at the beginning of the new simulcast season when people are very likely to be modifying their queues. Being unable to get a list of just the shows you want in the order you want is very annoying. This should be a pretty basic feature of the site, and I don't understand why it's been broken for so long now. Crunchyroll, please fix this ASAP!
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Posted 7/13/15 , edited 7/13/15
My queue is constantly messing up.

It's as if there are two versions of my queue. The current version and a cached version. Refreshing the page and/or logging in and out does nothing to fix this. Moving something in the queue order and then refreshing seems to kick it back to normal.
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Posted 7/14/15
Cut down on your queue , Idid and it works! Dont
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