Anime Expo 2015, What Made It Special to You?
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from the South Bay
Posted 7/11/15 , edited 7/11/15
Well ...

We have so many annoyance with this 2015 Anime Expo but talking about those is not good for our health

So I wonder what good happened to you with this past Anime Expo.

As for me , there were two things.

1. I was lucky enough to get into the first autograph session with the Fate Night group but what made it special was, when I approached Kawasumi Ayako san, as soon as she sign my sign board she went " Ah... Shinomiya " made her smile and made me smile as she recognized me who I was cosplaying for since she just finished recording the segment for Food Wars where her character Mizuhara chef and Shinomiya chef are together

2. The second things was I was there when Naruto's seiyuu Junko Takeuchi was at the Bandai Booth, that a big surprise. I got her autograph and was able to to ask her a question at the Crunchyroll stage showtime interview. Hearing her voice Naruto was great . Her answer to my question was comedic

So what cool thing and that which made you smile at the 2015 Anime Expo
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Posted 7/12/15
Of all things, the Miss Monochrome panel was one of the neatest things all weekend. It was really different because they had the English dub voice cast there, and they were all former amateurs who had won the jobs through open tryouts. They showed some of the crazy audition tapes and had a ton of cool stories about how it was put together, and afterward you could just go right up and talk to them, as well as the guy who did the voice of Lupin III and the voice acting director for Bang Zoom. It was not one of those big-show type panels, all super genuine and really down to earth, and that's rare at an event that size. We also managed to be #5 and #6 in line for the voice acting tryouts in the main hall, and go up on stage and shout out some lines. So that was something totally different to be a part of.

And as I mentioned in great length in another thread, the IA/Wagakki Band concert just blew the doors off the place and was by far the high point of the weekend. Even if we'd gotten to do nothing else, that would've been worth it.

The late-night anime screenings at the JW Marriott were cool because that's the hotel we were staying in. Even though they were pretty sparsely attended, there's nothing quite like going upstairs and staggering in to a screening of Kill la Kill near falling-down drunk at 1 in the morning.

And of course, the way the entire surrounding area gets taken over by anime people and cosplayers for 4 days always puts a smile on my face for the duration.

I know about the lines, but compared to when I went in 2013 they seem to be getting at least a little bit better at dealing with the huge overload of people.
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Posted 7/15/15 , edited 7/15/15
The Porter Robinson concert was easily the biggest highlight of the convention for me. Amanamaguchi was a pleasantly surprising opener and really got me pumping. But when Porter Robinson rolled out his first song, I popped out of my seat right away. The crowd, the lights, the engagement, and more than anything the music - the experience as a whole was top notch. Also when the remixes of Connect, Harumodoki, and Irony were unleashed, my homies and I really let lose and jammed so hard.

Thanks again Crunchyroll for bringing Porter Robinson to AX2015. It was an absolutely amazing experience. I've never touched the forums much, but got on just to find some way to voice my appreciation. That concert was plain awesome.
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F / San Francisco
Posted 7/15/15 , edited 7/15/15
Knowing it would be my last. The amount of people plus the expense to stay at a hotel within walking distance is just too much to justify anymore considering how little I get from the convention. Smaller cons are really where it's at.
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20 / California, USA
Posted 7/15/15
Seeing an Ara cosplay. Seeing a Ryou Bakura cosplay. Seeing the energy of a people with a like-minded interest in the same or similar things.
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31 / M
Posted 7/17/15
Super jealous of the Kawasumi Ayako autograph, what time did you get to the autograph line? On day 1 by the time I got up to the desk they were out, but I was able to get one for Aimer and the next day got one for Ayano Mashiro.

Too many awesome things at Anime Expo.

Ayano Mashiro Panel was awesome as she started it off with a 3 song performance and I was in the front.

Aimer panel was also awesome, got to see her in real life even though they kept the lights dimmed on her. Her english is really good.

Fate UBW and Evangelion events were amazing, went by super quick. Hearing Kawasumi Ayako yell out Excalibur was awesome, and the concerts during both events were enjoyable.

I also went to the Day 0 Momoclo event, Crunchyroll concert, and IA/WagakkiBand concerts.

Speaking of the late night anime showing at the JW Marriott, I popped in for Evangelion 1.0 and it was fairly empty but nice to see people staying up late watching good stuff.
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F / Anaheim and Chicago
Posted 7/22/15
1. Location of our overnight stay: My boyfriend and I rented out an apartment literally right across the street and it was a lot closer than the JW Marriott. We also had lots of friends stop by to relax and drink so that was fun!

2. HappileeErin and Dodger (dexbonus) gave me, my boyfriends and some other YT friends free tickets to the Porter Robinson concert. That was a night to remember!!

3. Fate/Ufotable event was AMAZING. Kawasumi-san yelling EXCALIBUR made my life.

Definitely one of my favorite AX experience to date!
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F / Florida, USA
Posted 7/23/15
This was my first time at Anime Expo and with all I did there, I wasn't disappointed (not to say I was 100% happy with how certain things happened)

Anyway my highlights

1. Momoiro Clover Z: That fan event on Day 0 and the Concert on Day 1 were probably my most happiest times during the whole convention. Now I'm more obsessed with the group than ever.

2. Crunchyroll concert was fun. First time seeing those artist and opened me up to a new experience in music.

3. Crunchy Dance Party was the craziest thing I've ever seen at a convention. If you watched it on the stream I can tell you right now it was nothing compared to it in person.

4 Kill La Kill panel: Satsuki's voice actor came out cosplaying as her was fantastic. The whole panel was just a joy to attend.

I did other things of course but these that I mentioned were the real special moments for me.
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Posted 8/4/15 , edited 8/4/15
it was also my first Anime Expo, and it totally exceeded my expectations. i loved it and immediately bought a ticket to AX2016 the day after AX ended.

-Kill la Kill panel with entire English cast. it was super fun and made me appreciate KLK even more than I already did.
-The Dealer hall. especially discovering the Good Smile Company and their awesome Nendoroids and Figmas. The Nendoroid 500 exhibit in the gamer hall was amazing. I was never into anime figures before but once I saw these I had to get one: the Mako Mankanshoku Fight Club Two-Star Goku Uniform Nendoroid.
-Fate Stay Night UBW event - really cool hearing Saber's voice actor imitate some lines, and watching the opening and ending credit songs performed live
-Little Witch Academia 2 premiere. nothing quite like experiencing a theater of 3000 people jumping up and roaring into cheers during the exciting scenes.
-Hearing Yoko Takahashi perform Cruel Angels Thesis live for the Neon Genesis Evangelion anniversary. Unforgettable.
-met Kotaro Uchikoshi and he autographed my copy of Virtue's Last Reward.

what made it really special to me though (this is gonna sound so geeky), was that i had so much fun on Thurs and Friday, that I couldn't fall asleep Friday night because I was so excited for Saturday and Sunday. I'm never gonna forget that feeling, I traveled by myself to LA for it and I was just so happy to be there.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 11/11/16
Event long over. Look forward to the new one!
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