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Summer Routine
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25 / F / The moon
Posted 7/12/15
I never have or never will have a routine, it's whatever at that time or it depends on how I feel. lmao Mainly visiting family and swimming this summer, maybe some road trips.
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17 / M / Palatine, Illinois
Posted 7/12/15 , edited 7/12/15

sIack wrote:

1. Wake up
2. Brush teeth
3. Face the dilemma of drinking coffee or waiting for cortisol levels to rise first
4. Go to work, pretend to work for 9 hours
5. Go back home
6. Worry about what I'm doing with my life without reaching a conclusion
7. Watch anime
8. Eat then clean
8. Sleep

xD Pretend to work 9 Hours. Sounds like my brother.
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