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Why do Zombies Bite People?
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Posted 7/13/15
Because only brains can ease the pain.

I thought everyone knew this.
Posted 7/13/15 , edited 7/13/15

iriomote wrote:

I sort of assume the zombie concept is rooted, at least in part, in a fear of diseases like rabies:

Mind almost completely shut down? Check.
Awkward, shuffling movements? Check.
Frenzied attempts to bite living things that get near? Check.
Disease spreads through the act of biting (or transmission of any bodily fluids, really)? Check.

This. I always thought the body was dead but the disease was alive and controlling the zombie. The point of biting was to spread more disease.
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Posted 7/13/15
Ghouls which is what zombies originate from are found mostly in Arabic folklore they aren't mindless creatures but consumers of the dead finding sustenance from those that have recently died they tend to hang out in graveyards. As for the Haitian zombie from voodoo it is mostly like in part a metaphor for the slavery in that countries origin but has some bases in fact since there is a method of creating zombies using puffer fish poison though the research on this is contested. As for it being rabies that would be a werewolf since it fits the mythology better when you actually look at it that or vamperism though that more closely matches porphyria and tuberculosis the first being a genetic disease that creates the appearance of a vampire the second being a disease that has all the normal trace of it when you look at how it progresses.

Most monsters like vampires werewolves and zombies have some root in the medical world for disease people really didn't understand like rabies or tuberculosis and genetic disease like porphyria would be down right terrifying when you think about how they would look at it the person would clearly have been cursed by god.

Romero's zombies are really closer to ghouls; however, with the intelligence stripped away mindless eating machines seeking food from the one source the fills it's desire. The very concept of them shocks and horrifies people and they stand as a metaphor for many social ills we have today the Romero wish to show people in a means that would disgust them he did pretty well don't you think.
Otter Modder
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Posted 1/26/17
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