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Posted 7/12/15
So my que is all messed up, if I remove an anime from my que it just comes right back. Any new anime I add to my que disappear. Its not remembering what I asked or holding any history information after a day the history deletes itself and sends everything back to episode one.....of animes I have already removed like a million times. Also if I try to remove any of them on my phone it says an erro has prevented it form being removed and a similar error reponse when ever I try to add a new anime to que.....what is going on..?!?!?!?
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Posted 7/12/15
I'm having the same issue!
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Posted 7/12/15
There is a lot of these in the forums so you could've checked there for a quick "fix"

lorreen wrote:

This is a known issue that several people have been experiencing (for several weeks in some cases), but it's not happening for everybody. An engineer has been assigned. Not known how soon it will be fixed.

A temporary workaround that seems to be working for most is to:

1) Move the last item displayed in your queue to the top (may also work if choosing other items in your queue, I believe)
2) Refresh the queue page

This should result in items you've removed from queue no longer being displayed, and newly added items showing up.*

It is known that this "sticks" only temporarily and that you'll need to repeat it every couple of days.

*Note that when adding new season simulcasts to the queue it is normal for them not to be displayed in the queue until there is an actual episode or episode placeholder being displayed on the show's page --This shouldn't be too much of an issue right now since most of the season shows now have at least one episode up.

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