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Summer Art Contest! (Winners Announced!)
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Posted 7/21/15 , edited 7/21/15

cutielove077 wrote:
Is there a different winner for the WRITTEN and VISUAL ARTS of each category? Or they will be combined in judging?

Assuming it's similar to last year's Summer Contest, there's a prize winner for each of the 7 categories, so 6 written & 1 visual arts.

Then the Grand Prize winner is a separate winner to the category winners, and could be from any category, which makes 8 unique winners in total.
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Posted 7/21/15 , edited 7/22/15
There is 3 more days but there isn't a lot of entries.
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17 / M / Palatine, Illinois
Posted 7/21/15 , edited 7/22/15
Sorry I meant 5* Not sure why I thought it was the 24th.
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Posted 7/21/15 , edited 7/22/15
I think a lot of people are waiting until closer to the deadline so they can polish their work and observe the trends in other entries. Maybe i'm overthinking it though.
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21 / F / Under your bed :D
Posted 7/22/15 , edited 7/22/15
This sounds great! I'll be working on mines right away~!
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Posted 7/23/15 , edited 7/24/15
This is my entry for visual, Hatsune Miku. I used a treble clef for her background. The hair accessory has a flower on the side with a music note in the front which sits on her forehead. I didn't want to do the usual twin-tails. I used a photo studio editor for the effects.
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Posted 7/24/15 , edited 7/24/15
Title- Before We Begin
Anime- Tales of the Abyss
Category- Horror
Word Count: 2000(without the stuff above the line.)

The ghost stories here are the ones told to us by teachers and students of the highschool I went to years ago. I didn't make them up.

“I give up! I’m tired…” Luke whined as he stared at his unfinished worksheet

It was already afternoon and he and a few other students taking the Summer Classes are still stressing over the papers they were given. Luke in particular was not amused as his friends are all outdoors enjoying their summer vacation while he was still stuck at school.
As the other students start passing their papers in front, Luke tried to answer his paper in a hurry. He didn’t want to have to stay in school for any longer.

“Finally!” he says as he placed the paper on the teacher’s desk. He stretches his arms and went back to his desk to grab his bag and then left the room.

It was already late in the afternoon when he finished and some of the lights in the hallways were being turned on. As he walked through the hallways filled with empty classrooms, he started thinking about the conversation he had with his friends a week ago- the start of summer vacation when they all decided to hang out.
They were taking a break at the park. They all decided to buy some ice cream: Natalia and Tear had vanilla, Guy had chocolate, Anise and Ion had strawberry, Jade had peppermint and just to piss them off, Jade decided to get Luke and Asch twin popsicles to share with each other.

“Your half is bigger than mine!” Luke exclaimed as they broke the Popsicle in half.

“Quit whining, trash!” Asch said as he pushed his brother away “The difference isn’t even that big anyways.”

“Yes it is and don’t call me ‘trash’!” Luke angrily replied.

“Stop it you two!” Natalia looked at the two boys with disdain “You’re both acting like children!”

“It was his fault…” Luke muttered as he glared in Asch direction

“Shut it!” Asch told him

The rest of them just watched in mixed annoyance and exasperation. Arguments between the two happen so often that they should have gotten used to it by now. In the end, the two reluctantly made up and ate ice cream in peace.

With the girls (and Ion) sitting on a nearby bench and Guy leaning on a tree near the back of said bench, Jade standing near its side, Asch leaning on the bench and Luke sitting on the pavement, they started to chat.

“I wanna go to the beach!!” Anise exclaimed “It’d be so much fun! We’re gonna wear swimsuits of course!” she says, grinning at Tear
“W-what?” Tear nervously asked. She knew she’s gonna get teased by the younger girl.

“You should wear that swimsuit Peony-sensei gave you back when we all went to the pool together last year! I want to see what it looks like. I’m sure Luke wanted to see it, too!” she said as she turned to Luke who then choked on his popsicle out of shock.

“W-w-what the heck are you talking about, Anise?!” Luke said as he blushed “I never said that!”

“Anise!” Tear said, also blushing

Anise couldn’t help but laugh at their reaction and wiped the tears off her eyes “But really, most of us wore ours! You should have worn it, too…”

“I don’t want to!” Tear complained “It’s not really… something I’d be comfortable in wearing.”

“I agree.” Natalia sighs “If I knew we could rent swimsuits I would have done the same thing Tear did instead of wearing that embarrassing outfit! I’m going to wear a different swimsuit if we ever do go to the beach.

“That’s a shame isn’t it, Asch?” Jade said with a grin on his face

Asch blushed and angrily protested “Don’t drag me into this, old man!”

“Too bad though. We’re gonna have to wait a while since Luke has to finish his summer classes first.” Guy said as everyone quieted down

“Aww!! We’re gonna waste nearly a month of our vacation just cause you couldn’t pass your subjects!” Anise told Luke who started to feel

“I’m sorry. You guys could go on without me though…” Luke said, smiling apologetically at his friends

“Hey, hey I was just kidding! But really… a month!” Anise said as she looked up at the sky.

“We could still go on weekends though.” Guy said

Asch sighs and looks at his younger brother “How could you be this stupid? Really, it’s an insult to me as well. People could mistake me for you. Hmph, trash.”

“You’re one to talk! Your grades aren’t that high either!” Luke pointed out.

“But I passed.” Asch grins and Luke couldn’t say anything against it.

“Alright, alright children… that’s enough!” Jade said “I’d be in school as well anyways since I’d be working.”

“Oh, yeah. Jade-sensei would be there, too.” Luke said

“But not everyday.” Jade added.

“That reminds me!” Anise exclaimed “Why don’t we do that? You know that thing people usually do on summers?”

“What’s thing, Anise?” Ion asked as everyone just stared at Anise.

“Test of courage! I heard your school is haunted so why don’t we do it there? Sensei works there anyways.” Anise excitedly explains “We can go by pairs. Like, I’ll go with Ion and Luke is with Tear and Asch is with Natalia!”

“So that leaves me with Guy, then?” Jade asked

“Guy with his phobia would freak out before the scary stuff even happens.” Anise points out.

“Well, that’s true. It would be nice if I was with a girl though.” Guy says as he scratches his head.

“Uh, I think I’ll pass. I don’t think it’s a good idea and I doubt the other teacher’s would approve.” Tear nervously said

“Oh, come on! Don’t be scared… I mean Luke would be there with you, anyways.” Anise said as she giggled.

Tear blushed “Anise! T-that’s not… besides, I’m not scared. Ghost aren’t real.”


“Our school is haunted… really? Never heard of that before.” Luke said

“Really? I’ve heard of a few stories.” Natalia says as she tried to remember “Yes, the girl’s bathroom on the 1st floor of the 2nd building.”
Tear shuddered as the others started telling ghost stories.

“I remember two classmates of mine going to the bathroom together but after a few minutes, they were running back to the room, crying. They told us that the faucet turned on by itself and a girl wearing the school’s old uniform from probably 30 years ago, passed by the window. They ran off as soon as they could.”

“Really? Then we’d definitely go there!” Anise exclaimed “Where else?”

Luke slowly walked down the stairs as he looked around the nearly empty school and remembered Asch’s story.

“Not that I believe it to be true but some students and even teachers claim that there’s a headless priest going down the stairs at night.” Asch told them.

“Well, I heard that apparently, the school used to be a cemetery 60 years ago before the school was built in it’s place.” Jade said

“A cemetery, huh? I should’ve asked the teacher about it earlier.” Luke sighed. He then passed by the library and remembered Guy’s story.

Deep in thought, Guy suddenly spoke “Oh, now that I think about it former classmates of mine told me something, too.”

“Back in 10th grade, 2 male classmates of mine were doing their homework at the library. They brought an mp3 player and shared the earphones. As they listened, they heard someone screaming and thought that it must be someone outside being really loud. To drown out the sound, they decided to raise the mp3’s volume… then they noticed the scream becoming louder and found out the scream was coming from the earphones. They took them off and screamed. One of them told me the teacher scolded them but they never told her what happened because she might not believe them anyways.”

“I heard that sometimes, it would feel like you were being watched and others said they saw someone else in the library when there was no one else there.” Natalia added

Luke thought of taking a peek in the library but decided against it. They’d go there for their test of courage soon, anyway. He then saw the path to the bathrooms and remembered something else Asch said.

“Our chemistry teacher told us something last year, too.” Asch recalled “She saw 2 female students go to the bathroom when she was still studying there. She then heard them laugh while inside. She said it was really creepy. She waited for them to come out after the laughing stopped but not one came out. She tried looking inside and peeked through the door but there was no one else inside.”

The sky was orange and the sun would be setting soon. The other students left in school are starting to come out of their rooms. Luke jumped a bit when he felt someone tap his shoulder.

“Hey! You’re still here, huh?”

“P-peony-sensei…” Luke said as he stared at his teacher who is smiling happily. He then lets out a sigh of relief.

“What’s with you? It’s like you’ve seen a ghost or something.” Peony-sensei wondered as he stared at his student who he noticed looked a bit pale at the moment.

“Oh, it’s nothing really.” Luke said as he scratched his cheek “Wait, uh… sensei, I heard that there are weird things happening in the school. Like it’s haunted or something. Have you heard of it?”

Peony-sensei’s eyes widened at the sudden question but still thought about it “Well, I guess. I have heard some teachers talking about it sometimes.”

“Really?” Luke asked “Like what?”

“Well, one of the teachers said that back then, there was a student who forgot his pencil while he was taking an exam. The kid asked to borrow from anyone and someone passed him a pencil from behind. He turned around to thank the person but then realized that behind him was a wall and that nobody else was there.”

“I see… where’s that room?” Luke asked

“Hmm…” Peony-sensei thought “The 2nd building, I think."

“So I guess most stories happen in the 2nd building, huh?”

“Makes sense since it’s the older building of the school. So, what’s up with these questions?” Peony-sensei asked Luke

“Well, we were planning on doing a test of courage here in school because they said this place might be haunted so I was just wondering--”

Luke was suddenly cut off by his teacher who looks really excited “Really? That sounds like fun! I’ll join you kids. Jade’s gonna be there, too isn’t he?”

“I guess… I mean you’re a teacher, too so I guess that’d be better for us. But we’re going in pairs and everyone’s already got a partner.”

“Hmm… I wonder? If Nephry isn’t busy I’d invite her!” Peony-sensei said with enthusiasm but noticed his student looking paler than he did earlier “What’s wrong?”

“Uh… that--” Luke points out behind his teacher who then turned around. Behind him is Jade with has a scary grin on his face and looking at him, you couldn’t tell if he was actually happy or angry.

Peony couldn’t react fast enough when Jade suddenly grabbed him by the collar and pulled him away “Sensei…” Jade said “You’re paperwork isn’t done yet. Don’t tell me you plan on going home without finishing them?”

“Aww… but I can just do them tomorrow!”


Luke watched as his teachers went back to the faculty room and went home.
“Alright! It’s finally time~” Anise announced excitedly.

It was a weekend night and there’s a full moon in the sky. Luke and his friends stand before the school building besides their partners waiting for the game to begin.

“Well, I already told you children the rules. Were going in the order of the papers we drew earlier. Ready?” Jade asked “Then Luke and Tear would go 1st.”

Both teens went through the front door, signalling the beginning of the game.
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23 / F / Florida
Posted 7/24/15 , edited 7/24/15

Well here's my first attempt at a Horror piece hope you like it
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17 / F / Connecticut
Posted 7/24/15 , edited 7/24/15
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Posted 7/24/15 , edited 7/24/15
Here is a picture of my vision of a modern day Hime-chan. It's not the best but it's personal since I've been calling my wife "Hime" since we were dating and I was watching "Recca no Honou".
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23 / M / Michigan, USA
Posted 7/24/15 , edited 7/25/15
This is an excerpt from a web serial I've been working on for the past several months. Didn't see that sorta deal excluded, so here we go!

I was inspired to get into slice of life/comedy from the anime I saw at CrunchyRoll. The story's genre is overall Slice of Life, but the beginning is (perhaps droll) Comedy.

Dream High School (Excerpt)
1,997 Words

(some paragraphs are kinda out in the middle for no seemingly good reason. That's because at parts, readers could vote on what happens next; those paragraphs are those times... just felt the need to clarify that)
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27 / M / This Dying World
Posted 7/25/15 , edited 7/25/15
My name is AnimeKami. This is my entry.

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Posted 7/25/15 , edited 7/26/15
Here's my entry for the visual arts really love Tokyo ghoul so I drew kaneki and rize hope you like it!

I used pismaclours and pencils.
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18 / M
Posted 7/25/15 , edited 7/25/15
So here's my entry to the art category, can ya tell who it is? hope you all likes it
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Posted 7/25/15 , edited 7/25/15
Title - Dreams?
Category - Drama
Word Count - 1816 ( After the line is my story )
I couldn't find which anime to write as references so I ended up writing a story about the characters from Supernatural series. I hope it is still acceptable

the clock is showing three o'clock in the morning and Dean still couldn't fall asleep. Beside his bed there is another bed belongs to his brother Sam who is sleeping soundly and peacefully. Dean doesn't want to wake his little brother up and decided to go for a walk outside instead. Slowly Dean slide out of the door and start to walk towards the staircase and out he goes to the street.

"Ugh it sure is cold when night falls." Dean uttered those words while walking towards the park near the apartment.

"Wow fancy looking you here. What brings you here especially in this hour of time huh?" Even though the light was dim, Dean knows quite well who it was sitting on one of the park benches.

"I could say the same for you Dean." The figure answered.

"Well...I couldn't sleep so I decided to take a walk. How about you Cas?" Dean answered while sitting beside the figure he just called Cas.

".....Me too... I...I couldn't sleep even though I tried... I keep having nightmares when I fall asleep." Cas said with a helpless voice.

"Nightmares? What nightmares?" Dean demand since there is nothing to talk about.

"Well... I don't think it is a good Idea to be talking about it right now."

"What?Ow come on man don't be a baby just tell me, maybe I could help you or maybe you will feel better after telling those nightmares, who knows right. Come on now, I'm listening. Go on buddy." Dean exclaimed.

".... If you insist then maybe just maybe those nightmares will go away after I tell you... maybe it will go away..." Cas said with a half-smile.

"That's my boy. Now go on just let everything out." Dean said with excitement.

"Well... it started a few days ago... I keep getting this dream about this beautiful lady which I don't even know who... Every time when I see the dream, it was always her. First it wasn't a nightmare but it was a garden full of roses and there she was waiting on the middle of those beautiful roses and then..." Cas stop mid sentence as his face changed pale suddenly.

"What's wrong Cas? You ok? You look pale too pale." Dean exclaimed.

"No nothing... I will continue... Then... then she turned around to face me. She was quite beautiful but somehow she looked familiar too familiar and I just... I just couldn't recall who she was and then the following day I had the same dream until today everything changed... changed to nightmares... *Sigh*.... Sorry Dean maybe I should stop now."

Cas was about to wake up from the bench when Dean suddenly grabbed his trench coat collar.

"Whoa buddy, you are not going anywhere until you finish the story. You can't just hung upon me like that. Come on keep going." Dean demands while still pulling Cas back to sit.

" Are you sure you want to hear Dean? You might get surprise and wont be able to go back to your apartment ya know." Cas exclaimed.

"What could possible be that scary until it will surprise me man. I'm not scared at all and I will be able to go back to the apartment in no time. So stop wasting time and continue alright buddy." Dean said as his green eyes glow when the moon light reflected on it.

Cas couldn't reject Dean's demands after all who could say no to those glowing green eyes of his. He surrender and decided to continue the story till end. After all what could Cas do when Dean finds out the truth about the nightmares. Whatever happens should just let it happen.

"Alright. You win. I will continue. I... I thought today will be the same dream as before but...but I was wrong. It was the same in the beginning, she... she was there in the garden... In the middle of the garden of those roses and I tried to reach out to her today. I... I just... I just don't know why I tried real hard to reach to her today but the odds were she didn't turn to look at me today maybe... maybe that's why I reach out to her to make her look at me..." Cas was silent for a while. He just sit there looking down at the grass without uttering a word.

"So... what happen after you reach out to her? Did something scary happened or?" Dean was waiting patiently for Cas to continue his so-called scary nightmares.

"Then... I finally realize that the lady was actually... actually..." Cas was silent again but his blue eyes was fix on Dean green eyes.

"Actually what?" Suddenly Dean felt a chill down his spine when Cas blue eyes was so fixed on him. He felt uncomfortable but endure it since Cas was so silent that it scare Dean.

"Actually it turns out... The lady was.. " Cas eyes still fixed on Dean.

"Was? Was who? Don't just stop mid sentence." Dean exclaimed while he fix his eyes to Cas blue eyes.

"It...It...It turns out the lady was... *swallow*... was the female version of you Dean." Cas finally said with a straight face to Dean.

"..." Dean was dumb founded and his mouth was wide open and he couldn't utter a word. He was so dumb founded that he didn't what to say and finally he speaks again.

"What... What... What the hell Cas? Are you for real? A female version of me? On top of that you called that a nightmares? What.. Just what!" Dean demands with high voice. He was still in shock.

"Well... It was super scary Dean. It was just so scary to see a female version of you. I could never bring myself to agree how beautiful you were in a female version. I... I just couldn't bring myself to think like that when in reality you are just a sloppy not good-looking guy. It is just so wrong!" Cas said with a sad face.

"...Did..did...did you just said I was not handsome?!" Dean shouted at Cas.

"Well... Yeah, isn't obvious?" Cas said naturally.

"... I can't believe you..." Dean was in utter shock.

"I told you, you will be surprise of the nightmares. I don't blame you for feeling surprise. I was surprise myself. I know how crazy it sound man. I just couldn't believe how a beautiful lady in my dream turns up to be... No offense man but turns up to be a sloppy good for nothing guy like you." Cas said with calm.

"You know what I'm going back. It was nice talking to you buddy. GOOD NIGHT!" Dean walk off without even waiting for Cas to reply.

"Ah he seem angry. Maybe I said something wrong? Hmmm... Maybe he just felt cold since it is getting chilly now. I should get back home too." Cas utter those word under his breath before walking off from the park.


Dean was walking fast almost as if he was running. He felt really angry with Cas but there is nothing he could do since Cas is the type of guy who utters every words that comes to his mind not minding other people feelings.

"Seriously? He dream of me as a lady? What kind of idiotic dream is that and that wasn't even scary. aarrgghhh." Dean felt so dumb to actually felt excited on wanting to hear those so-called nightmares which turns out to be one big idiotic story of Cas.

Dean was about to open the door to his apartment house when suddenly the door open by itself before he could insert the keys to the house door. He was surprised to see Sam opening the door.

"Whoa don't scare me like that dude." Dean said while entering to the house.

"Sorry man. I was worried since you weren't on your bed. Where did you go man? It is almost four thirty in the morning." Sam demands. His face was concern and worried like face.

"Err... Just walking to the park. I couldn't sleep." Exclaimed Dean while entering to the bedroom.

" Just walking at the park till this hour? You kidding right?" Sam asked while following Dean behind to the bedroom.

"Well.. not really... not exactly... I... I met Cas on the park." Dean said in low voice.

"You met Cas at the park? What is he doing there? You had a date plan with him or something?" Sam said with a smirk on his face.

"Ugh... It was just a coincident. We just happen to be there on the same time at the same place. Oh and he was saying something about having a nightmares so I asked him to talk about it so it may feel better if he talk about it." Just as Dean finish telling Sam. Dean face turned sour as he remembered the idiotic story of Cas.

"What kind of nightmares? Why are you looking that word... ah... Grimace. Did something happen?" Sam asked.

"Ugh not really. Well actually what happened was..." Dean told the whole story that Cas had told him about his nightmares to Sam.Sam was listening in silence without any response.

"...and that's all he said and here I am now back home to my beloved bed." Dean said while plopping his whole body to the bed.

"Whats wrong Sam? You are not talking? You ok?" Dean asked after a while still buried his head on the pillow when he suddenly hear Sam.

"Pffttt.... Ahahahahaha... What the... Ahahahaha... Ow my stomach hurts... Ahahahaha....Ahahahaha." Sam was laughing non stop there is tears on his eyes.

"O come on. What is so funny? That is not funny alright. I know the story is idiotic but it is not laughable alright. Hey stop laughing will you and hear me out. Hey Sam... Sam." Dean is now sitting on the edge of his bed while watching Sam laughing hysterically on his bed.

"Hahaha... Sorry man... It is just so funny how Cas actually think you are a nightmare to him. This is a first to hear since you are almost everyday popular with the girls. It is just so surprising that Cas actually called you a sloppy guy. Pfftt... Hahahahaha.... and you being a lady with roses? It is just to funny to handle. I could imagine you being lady in a dress with your green eyes sure fit to be in the rose garden. Hahahaha." Sam exclaimed while still laughing on his bed.

"Jeez I regret telling you. Go back to sleep and stop LAUGHING WILL YOU?!?" Dean said while covering his face with a pillow on his one hand and throwing another pillow to Sam direction with his other hand, landing it on Sam's stomach.

"Hahahaha. Good night Brother." Sam said while he was still laughing in silence.
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