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Posted 7/12/15 , edited 7/13/15
Some months ago I had started reading a manga but I forgot to bookmark it and only remembered about it just the other day. I cannot remember the name of it but I can kinda remember the story.

I want to say it was either a demon or a vampire manga where a son had witnessed his father get cut up by people who invaded his home village, I think they were in black suits to protect them from the son. The kid grabs his fathers sword, I think, and tries to kill the men but gets cut up himself. If I remember right the kid uses his blood or something and sews his body back together and kills some of the bad guys but fails to rescue the people kidnapped from his village.

These demons or vampires, I believe vampires which is the reason for the suits rule the world and humans are slaves. He goes on a journey, with some lady who will help him with his power, to end the vampires rule over the humans. They find a village where an older man was running away from the vampires but once he hit a barrier of some sort he was shredded into pieces. They then go into the village to find one of the higher ups extorting humans and as he was about to hit a human the son with the sword stopped him and killed him.

Again I am not sure if I described this correctly of if any of you will actually know of this manga...I just really liked how it started and I should have bookmarked it.
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