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Post Reply Anything good to watch ?
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Posted 7/16/15

sanj714 wrote:

Also, I didn't watch Comboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell yet.

I gotta say the old drawing scare me a bit.

Is there someone here to convince to watch them anyway ? Or maybe just repost a recommendation from another guy that's good too :'D

You should watch Cowboy Bebop. But, I think everyone should watch Cowboy Bebop.
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Posted 8/3/15
Thank you everyone for more answer :D

I just finished Arakawa Under the Bridge and oh god that was amazing (even tho they didnt go to Venus after all, im sad)

According to everyone I think I'll watch Cowboy Bebop, sound like a good show.

I'll watch Gits with my gf once we have finished Kara no Kyoukai ^^

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