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Is it just me or has there been a real lack of great mecha anime?
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Posted 7/16/15

Oh, I see.
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Posted 7/17/15 , edited 7/17/15
Broken Blade is great

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet is great

Asura Crying is pretty good.

I really only consider the first half of Gurren Lagan great.

Could never get into Aldnoah Zero as I didn't care for the characters, but there's some great action in it.
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Posted 7/17/15
You do have a point here. Gundam Seed and Destiny is what got me interested in Mecha anime but a lot of them just are not worth watching again or even once. And yes I do like Seed, but not Destiny so much...I hate Shinn Asuka! Turn A Gundam was neat, Gundam Wing was OK. I kind of liked S.T.R.A.I.N to a point. Aldnoah Zero was...well the action was good. Fafner, liked it the first time but rewatching it was kind of mediocre to me. Knights of Sidonia is pretty good. Guess you could consider Gun X Sword but it's kind of weird. Only anime I've ever seen with a mecha controlled by what amounts to a dancing pole. Full Metal Panic! was OK.

Overall the only ones I could say I truly enjoyed are Seed, Turn A Gundam and Knights of Sidonia. The only really recent one I watched is Aldnoah Zero which was OK but only for the action and the mecha themselves. Is there anything else recent that is worth recommending? I'd like to give something else a try.
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Posted 24 days ago
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