Starseed: Activate! visits Anime Expo in Los Angeles!
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Hi, my name is Gareth.

I have been an anime fan my entire life. Ever since my dad took me to see Laputa - Castle in the Sky when I was 5 in a small art house theatre. I currently host an alternative comedy news show called Starseed: Activate! (

In our most recent episode... We covered everything from giant fighting robots, to hacked missiles and more....
But the fun part was we went to Anime Expo and interviewed some people for the show. If you would like to take a look... The link for that episode is

I normally don't post in forums (even though I spend enough time reading them and watching anime on CR!)... But this time I thought I would reach out to the community to share the project we just did.

So, if you wanna see some anime fans get asked questions about supernatural stuff and the new pyramid on mars.... Check us out. Subscribe if you like, and leave a comment if you are inspired to do so. This is a passion project we are putting a lot into. And, if you are in the Portland area... We are now getting broadcasted on public access in that area.

Anyways, thanks to all that take the time! Much love!


If you are reading this, and happened to be one of the people we interviewed for the show.... Let us know! And thanks again for participating. Hope you all enjoyed the con. <3
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