Newest episode of Gintama does philosophy
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Posted 7/16/15 , edited 7/16/15
In the latest episode of Gintama, 280, a certain character struggles with the morality of her previous actions.

It's a pretty good question about whether Immanuel Kant had it right or secular humanism has it right. As of last week and furthered by today's episode, Asaemon wishes to end her life because she cannot diverge from or follow Yaemon's legacy.

So the question arises, regardless of Gintama's framing:

Must you follow the letter of the law, or can you make your own rules? Imagine this is complicated by it being your position as somebody who upholds the law. Both directions have serious implications that Gintama will obviously never truly dive into, it's a story not a discussion, but this current question of morality shouldn't be ignored, it would be a disservice to this show.

After executing your father/teacher at his request (he put a Kunai in his own stomach, it's not like you had a choice), would you also give up your brother to uphold the things you truly felt were important?
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Posted 7/16/15
This is a very popular theme in a lot of anime. The struggle of personal morals vs the law; and pretty much 99.9% of the time the MC choose there own morals over the law. And I would mostly agree with them, there are a few things I would pick the law over my own morals.
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