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Posted 7/16/15 , edited 7/18/15

Hello you guys! (Hahah don't get tired of hearing that all the time..xD) This forum is full of appreciate and no hate :') And its also for you to say thank you! The mods and here and myself do a lot of work. We always put you guys first! And that's why we want to know your input on the stuff we have and the things you gotten! Like prizes, profiles, aviis, and lots of honor! We want to know because Mods do enough in our group already. And they want to know just how thankful you are! So please don't be shy but courtesy that they made you or took your forum idea into consideration! Thanks once again you guys.
Posted 7/27/15
Thank you for everyone who put in the time and effort for this group. It's already got so much going on for such a short time and the profile is so fun, laid back and gorgeous!!!!
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