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Posted 7/17/15
So some people had success finding stuff on here and I thought I might try the huge resources that is the CR users. I'm looking for the name of a manga I saw advertisements for in Japan it was in some mana anthology I bought and some other places, I'd like to say it's in Gangan Joker because I bought it a bunch in Japan before but not 100% on that.

The main character looks like a witch and has a scar on her face and bolts in her neck. She has this cat which has a halo and a bear with devil horns. I just thought she looked kinda cool but I never bought another anthology or bought the one with the advertisement home so I couldn't look it up or take a picture.

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Posted 7/17/15 , edited 7/17/15
I don't know much about GanGan joker and judging by your description I have no clue what Manga that is. But, I did find a website that has some GanGan books on it, maybe you may find ones that you know you read or looked at in Japan. Then we can go from there.

This is the Website:
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Posted 1/23/17
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