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Posted 7/17/15
Hi! Since Contest-Hime has ended her Forum Picks program, I thought it would be fun to start a thread where we can share our favorite Crunchyroll forum threads, even if we don't get a badge for it!

One that I like is Tokusatsu on Crunchyroll. It's hard for threads to gain much traction in some of the smaller forums, but this one keeps poking its head up now and then--and that pleases me to see little threads stay alive. I didn't even know what "Tokusatsu" meant until I saw this thread and had to go look it up. It means special effects, so there are a whole host of Japanese movies and tv-shows included, though the Ultraman franchise seems to be a favorite in this thread. If you love Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai or similar shows... talk it up in there!

Now tell me one of yours. Don't just post the link -- go ahead and say a little about it and why you like it.

(BTW, to make your link "clickable" use the "link" icon above the box you create your post in--it will add the url tag for you automatically.)
Posted 7/17/15
This one.
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Posted 7/17/15
probably the Food Wars! thread. not to mention its my favorite show. everybodys comments are always entertaining no matter how short

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Posted 8 days ago
Forum clean up. Closing all threads from 2015.
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