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Posted 7/17/15
So I just finished volume one and volume two of the RWBY series a while ago and was wondering if anyone can shed some light on when volume three is going to come out.
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Posted 8/29/15 , edited 8/29/15
Monty Oum passed away apparently (February 1, 2015 in Austin, Tx from an allergic reaction). So bad news there, on the other hand there is word that RWBY will be continuing. But they will be replacing Lie Ren's voice (the original voice actor was Monty Oum, the new voice actor is Neath Oum, Monty Oum's brother). As for the exact release date, there is no word, though Roosterteeth said 5 month's ago that it would continue this year.

Sorry forgot almost forgot to include the link:
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