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Post Reply The 2015 G-1 Climax Post, with added poll for "Who do you think wins the 2015 G1-Climax Tournament?"
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Posted 7/18/15 , edited 7/18/15
Hello folks, another G-1 Climax is upon us!

Are you new to the group, NJPW or the G-1 Climax? Here are some helpful sources then I found at various sites or that friends recommended:

A beginner's guide to what the G-1 Climax is all about:

The Event Card for every day along with the Blocks and more:

A breakdown of the major match ups each day:

English aid in how to order the shows via the New Japan World Network:

One of the best places to check daily for post-show podcast reports on every show coming up:

Along with a few preview podcasts: or
(where you can also locate the Bullet Club's Talkin' Shop podcast at weekly)

Finally do vote on the poll and make any other predictions/comments about the event as you wish. Here are a few of mine:

-I got Shinsuke Nakamura winning it all this year as he's at the moment my Wrestler of the Year Candidate and is in my Match of the Year thus far for his match with Kota Ibushi at Wrestle Kingdom. I think it will be a close fight in the finals where I have him meeting AJ Styles.

-There's a junior tags match on the finale show, and I see the Young Bucks becoming champions. As an added thought depending what's going on with NJPW lending talent now to various companies like ROH, GFW, NWA and even the WWE (though no official claim the WWE is now going to get talent after ROH is at odds due to NJPW now lending Liger to the WWE on the same NXT card in Brooklyn without notice because it is head-to-head- to a ROH card also in Brooklyn on the same day August 22 where Okada, Nakamura and Kushida will be on the ROH card), I see a foreign tag team being brought in to face them such as ACH/Matt Sydal or Tanaka/Komatsu will become a team finally.

-I got a feeling by the time the G-1 Climax is done like every year, we'll get some major shifts in the storylines. One of CHAOS or the Bullet Club will finally split though I'm on the fence which one-perhaps that predicted AJ/Nakamura match which involves both feuding factions makes that decision. I also think we'll see the full heel turn of Naito, Honma will not only win his first G-1 match but against a big name like Goto to start a new feud, and a good showing from the lone new entrant in Michael Elgin also netting a few big wins, possibly one against the champ Okada. As for something out of left field...don't be shocked if the invading SUZUKIGUN returns from their plundering of NOAH for a bit to make a mark too on NJPW once more during this tournament.

It's looking to be a big tournament now spread over 19 shows including the finals spanning over two months which should help avoid the hefty toll and injuries of the past. It's been of late where MOTY candidates because the best wrestling occurs yearly in the G-1 Climax. Enjoy!
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