Game Recommendations please
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Posted 7/20/15 , edited 7/21/15
I like games like Tomb Raider 2013 version,Zelda Games,Sims 4,Skyrim,Blood Rayne, I like RPGs.Simulation games, MMOs like Wizard101,Swordsman,PWI,Forsaken World.

I like playing female protagonists more than male protagonists
any help would be nice
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Posted 7/20/15 , edited 7/21/15
Valkyria Chronicles -- very good story; mix of RPG mechanics and tactical combat elements; multi-gender cast (the two main chars are one male and one female)

Recettear -- Odd mix of Zelda-esque dungeon crawler and a store management game... and yet it works surprisingly well. Female protag.

I'm a huge fan of the BioWare RPGs (Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic)--if you haven't played those, you should check them out. MC's gender can be customized in all of them.

Long Live the Queen -- Cutesy simulation game about a princess trying to learn to be queen... cutesy, that is, until your princess gets assassinated or turns into a bloody tyrant. Either way, it's fun.
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Posted 7/25/15 , edited 7/25/15
I concur very much so with BioWare RPGs.

The Witcher series (action RPG with BioWare components of "make your own choices")
Dragon's Dogma where you also can make your own character and pawn (action RPG as well).
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