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I'm writing a small book call Combat School:A Lost Kingdom, and here is the info on characters
Rain Levi-Rain’s father taught him a way to channel magic it his arms, and legs. He used this to gain superhuman abilities. He can block swords with his bare hands, and he can punch through walls. He is stilled mastering different battle magic techniques. after his father died, a friend of him Cyrus Inferno let Rain into the school.
Arc Pleaitan-Sage’s younger brother. Arc being six months younger worked hard to catch up to Sage. in Instead of having black hair, he was born with dark grey hair, and his eyes were purple, not black. Instead of using the knight style with a long sword no shield, Arc uses a two-handed blade, and as he was gifted with skill, he earned the nickname Unbeatable Hero of Pleaitan. When his brother earned Knight, he earned Hero. Arc has amazing skill, but like Lucas, he would rather side with Charlotte. Arc hates his bloodline, and wants nothing to do with the throne, because of this Sage runs unopposed.
Sage Pleaitan-A lonely kid to respected to be touched, he grew up with his only friend, Lucas Levin, and studied swordsmanship until he was 14, after that he went to war against Abila, later he got a letter saying he was Invited to Combat School.
Claire Abila-She was beautiful, and talented from when she was born. Hated by other girls, she hung out with boys, and started training with them at age 5, and at 13 she single handedly caused a war against Pleaitan, showing her she isn’t the strongest.
Zeal Thaetan-A high mage, one of the twins of Thaetan, he studied to be a mage until he was 13, at 13 he found a Sorcerer's Staff, and studied necromancy, while summoning a skeleton he was cut across his face turning his eye grey, he fell out of candidacy for prince, and left to study at Combat School.
Rose Argent-A little girl from a poor family, she grew up in Neclos, and studied sorcery, at 14 she perfected her combat style, and went to study at Magic Academy for two years before transferring to Combat School
Wynn Vescal-Feared by others, and drove mad by power, Wynn was swinging a spiked ball at 2, he abused his power, and stole from the markets around the capitol, as punishment the young warrior was shipped off to Combat School.
Ai Thaetan- A great mage, The second born twin of Thaetan, she learned magic with Zeal until she was 5, she then grew bored, and stopped after mastering fire, Zeal continued to learn so he looked a more promising ruler, but an incident with necromancy made him lose all chance of being prince, Ai inherited to throne, but didn’t want it making people nervous.
Steven Druala-From an young age he learned to use a bow, he became powerful, and had his anger grow. He killed his brother, and took the throne by force.
Julius Neclos-A childhood friend of Mark, he and Mark played together until they were 10. When he turned 10 the king of Neclos waged war on Eskor destroying it as a whole, after Eskor’s fall the king was Assassinated, and Julius was forced into the throne. He enrolled in Combat School to get away.
Reed Rathya-When she was 3 she killed her first warrior. at the age of 6 she was using two swords, and a knife. There was no way to stop her, and at age 8 she almost made Neclos fall but Julius, and Mark stopped her. After she continued training to kill those two, but Mark was killed in the fall of Eskor, so she solely hunted Julius. She followed him to Combat Camp simply to kill him.
Xeon Nagra-He traded punches with Mark once, and he is a feared Warlord. Xeon fights with his eyes closed, but claims to be able to see, if a foe is too powerful he will open his eyes, and his top speed in close to light speed. He killed many generals before he enrolled in Combat School. He hopes to train under Cyrus, for he is the only one who can beat Xeon.
Charlotte Efrya-Charlotte was always trying to improve, she is the only other battle mage in all of Ochea, but since Efrya has no natural rival, she has never been in battle, and is a novice in combat. She was applied to go to Combat School, and she is a small tomboy. She is friends with Rain as they are both battle mages
Lucas Levin-Sold by his parents, Lucas was raised at an orphanage until he turned eight. He was then taken by the royal family to become Sage’s personal butler. While he respects Sage, he wants to work for Charlotte, as he likes her more.
Mark Eskor-Mark was rumored to be the strongest warrior in the world. He is the Childhood friend of Julius, but when Neclos’ king raided Eskor, and Everyone he cared about died, he resented Julius for it. To get into Combat School, he pretended to be a member of the Vescal party. Only Cyrus, Julius, and Reed know that Mark is still alive.
Seth Kyren-Seth is a citizen of Vescal. While he can be a little absent minded, his skill in combat is pretty good. Seth is a close friend of Lucas, and they are usually partners in tag tournaments.
Val Thaetan-Val is the son of Rain, and Charlotte. Val almost destroys Ochea trying to bring back his father who was trapped in the underworld, and to do so he must take the blood of 3 kings. The summon was a fail, and wrecked Ochea. In a fight with Raul he loses his eye. After fleeing he uses alchemy to create a new eye which instead of blue like his father’s it was blood red. Using advance spells he found a way to double, and Even quadruple his power. The first chant removes the scar on his left eye, and reverts time to before he lost his eye doubling his power, and the second spell turns both his eyes red, and gives him his scar back. Before he was killed he fled to the past, and now hopes to meet his parents at his current age. After finding them he enrolled at Combat School.
Raul Pleaitan-Raul is extremely strong. He is the future son of Arc, and he carries his sword. Raul followed Val through the time rift, and ended up in the present. He refuses to tell anyone who his mother is because he is afraid it would cause him to cease, though everyone can tell it's Claire by his hair color, and personality.
Cyrus Inferno-The headmaster of Combat School. Cyrus created the school in hopes of stopping wars. He successfully got everyone to join, and the school became a hit. Cyrus’ white eye allows him to learn anything just by looking at it. Cyrus has never been beat in combat.

Photos can be found on my profile, and please comment you favorite backstory, and suggestions for better ones
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