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Posted 8/3/15 , edited 8/4/15

Hi! I'm Kaylee. I am a 17 year old high school student who plays tennis and the violin! I've been on CR since 2010 but quit for a year due do drama. a.k.a bullshit I'm really kind and I love to chat so feel free to add me if you want someone to talk to! Just keep in mind that I don't accept adds from people who don't reply back and those who just add for numbers. Also, please don't steal anything of mine whether it's coding to graphics. I won't tolerate that either. Cya!
Posted 8/4/15 , edited 8/7/15

Name: Scott
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Hi everyone! My name is Scott and you probably couldn't tell by my username My username is actually a combination of my first, middle, and last names. Umm....I have many nicknames that range from Scottie to Hottie, Scooter, Turtle, Scottie J so feel free to call me whatever you want haha. I like various things like sports, reading, and hanging out with friends. I absolutely despise brussels sprouts (don't eat them! You've been warned!) and I suck at BB coding. Sorry for how scatterbrained my intro sounded XD.

Posted 8/14/15 , edited 8/14/15


"for someone you either forget the whole mess then ruining someone else who wants start over again either way your just protecting your selfish to your friends but to your enemies your not. plus if your going to hold a grudge to someone you really hate the most for someone who steals your bb-coding i think its best if you don't come to cr anymore since you been there longer than your enemy."

  hi there lets get this straight shall we. after all this redoing since my crappy laptop resets it will have to make me redo everything I say. but i am going to say this one and i am not going to repeat myself. for one thing i do not want to get involve with this dramas that sickens me alot and its like a mindless childish crap. i am currently learning my own way to bb-coding. i havent stole graphics not since all this shit happens. anyway i realize that bbcoding stealing wasn't my thing but i do love to inspire them i want to be just like them yet im pretty much shy in real life and a bit cold-hearted as well. i keep my reputation cold-hearted brat which i am which i dont give a damn about it neither of my family doesn't know about it. ive been bullied since i was little and ill make they will pay what they did to me. anyway enough about me whats your deal telling what we cannot do. if you have so many complaints about me i would occure that you should back off and never add me if your bitchen that you hated me for what i did was wrong.  Anyway if you if you wish to either follow me or add me you can click those icons right below the italic quotes. If you want to look for me i have page that you can find me if i dont have enough here. click here.

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