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Sexuality and Gender Identification
Posted 7/22/15
Growing up, all the sexualities I ever knew were Gay, Straight, and Bisexual.
Then people started bringing Pansexual, Demisexual, Asexual, and all that stuff into the equation.

I never knew much about gender identification,
but recently I have figured out that I am Agender and Sexually Fluid
(meaning I'm without gender, and my sexuality changes)

I was wondering what your views are on this topic and what you identify yourself as
both gender and sexuality. :)



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22 / F / NY
Posted 7/22/15 , edited 7/22/15
cisgender asexual biromantic heheheh
Posted 7/22/15
I don't know what to think
of 12-13 year olds trying
to identify themselves
because tbh they have yet
to experience real life yet.


But maybe that is just my

I mean if they know themselves
enough then go to it.
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26 / F / New Jersey, USA
Posted 7/22/15 , edited 7/22/15
I don't know what my sexuality is.
Posted 7/22/15
For a long time I didn't either,
I tried to identify with lesbian
and I guess I am more geared
towards girls by far,

but my sexuality changes too
sometimes I wish I could be with
a guy for some reason.

But sexually it's just weird for me
so I fall under the Sexually Fluid
category I suppose.
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27 / F
Posted 7/22/15 , edited 7/22/15

I struggled for years with finding a sexuality term that suits me, until I came across asexual. When I was younger I thought there was something wrong with me, too. I just didn't crush on or fantasize about anyone.
Posted 7/22/15
I can't decide between
Sexually Fluid or

It's weird to be 22
and still not know who you are
on the inside

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23 / M / Canada
Posted 7/22/15 , edited 7/22/15
Cisgender, heterosexual, heteroromantic. I'm also white and a male so tumblr hates me.
Posted 7/22/15
Tumblr hates me too
don't feel bad.
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52 / M / Bay Area
Posted 7/22/15 , edited 7/22/15
At this moment I am Gynephilia.
Posted 7/22/15
Awesome possum.


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22 / M / England
Posted 7/22/15
I'm cisgender, but I'd totally become the opposite gender for a week or something just to see what it's like. I'm heterosexual but I don't really have much interest in actually having sex, and if I did, I'd probably be heteroflexible (essentially straight on a biological level, but being with the same gender wouldn't really bother me even if it doesn't do much for me). My romanticism moves between heteroromantic and aromantic.

Of course not of this stuff really matters much to me. At the end of the day I'm not going into a relationship and I'm not going to have sex. Honestly I don't think it should be as big of a deal as people make it out to be.
Posted 7/22/15
I don't have much interest in sex either
*scratches chin*
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24 / M / The null void
Posted 7/22/15 , edited 7/23/15
is this a beta cringe thread?
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25 / M / USA
Posted 7/22/15
I sat here on this topic like fuck this is actually hard.

Cisgender, Heteroromatic, Heterosexual and...Pervert. That's the best way I can describe it. I'm a heterosexual who can just really appreciate boobs because I'm a perverted little shit.
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