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Posted 7/22/15 , edited 7/22/15
Get a chance to tell your story on how you were introduced to the medium whether it be long or short.
(also we just need more forms in this group T_T)

I'm young so I grew up with shows like Digimon, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. I kinda remember Toonami but im not to sher how I stumbled upon it or when. I was around 9ish when I got the realization that this was something different and special with Anime Unleashed on g4 with RahXephon and Ghost in the Shell.

RahXephon was the first show where I fell in love with a soundtrack and that opening made Yoko Kanno my mistress .

I could talk all day about Ghost in the Shell because it is my favorite so just watch it legally on YouTube for free.
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Posted 7/29/15
The first anime that I can remember watching is the first 13 episodes of Dragon Ball. For years, this was all of that series that was dubbed into English. I have since purchased the entire series on DVD. I remember watching Dragon Ball Z when it started but in the early years it seemed to take forever for it to be dubbed.

The first series that I watched in a subbed format was Excel Saga. I love it. That anime is where most of my user name comes from. Menchi was the name of the dog in this series that was also the emergency food supply. (The 'i' in my username comes from being the first letter in my first name. I didn't copy Apple. Actually, I started using this name before Apple started making the iPod.)

I live in Canada, and we have a television channel up here called Space, which is kind of like the US SyFy network. In the early days of this network they aired anime movies at midnight on Friday nights. I have fond memories of staying up watching these movies. They taught me that anime was more than just Dragon Ball, and Pokemon, and such.

One of my favourite anime series is InuYasha, which the new series Ushio and Tora reminds me of.

I've been watching Naruto for years, and also watched Bleach until the end of the Aizen saga before I stopped.

I'm enjoying watching shorter series now, because I don't think I have it in me to start another long series for a while.

Recently, the best series I can remember watching is Sword Art Online. I love this show and can't wait for more.
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Posted 8/28/15
i was a high schooler in the 90's when I saw Dragon Ball for the first time and i loved it. eventually my bedroom walls were covered in DBZ posters. watched shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Initial D in the early 2000's. Then I didn't watch any anime series for about 12 years (only Studio Ghibli movies). When 2015 started, i made it a goal to watch more anime because i always felt i should be more up to date on it. and here i am.
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Posted 6/5/16
Oh... I don't remember when exactly. I was suuuper young. I remember seeing the strangest show early in the morning - it didn't look like anything else I saw. Found out later that it was Sailor Moon. That show is technically my first, though once I learned more about anime I moved on from it.

Other anime I watched before I knew what they were included the original Dragon Ball, and my grandparents would send us tapes of Kimba the White Lion. I think I learned what anime was early in middle school, not long before Pokemon and Digimon hit.

My tastes since then have grown and evolved, though not necessarily in a way I can generally predict. Nowadays, with the advent of streaming and wide availability of anime, I've had to rely more and more on curation through podcasts and youtubers I follow.
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