How does one get rid of writer's block?
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Posted 7/22/15 , edited 7/23/15
Let me know if a thread like this one exist or not.
Thanks a bunches.

Explain your opinion in great detail.

I need to know how does a person get rid of writer's block. I have and it is very annoying right now. I'm trying to think of a new idea for a novel but nothing is working right. I don't want to come to my old stories because I want to try something new. But I'm not having the best of luck. Any advice worth giving?

Bonus Questions:

1) Do you think that writer's block is real?

2) Have you ever gotten writer's block?

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Posted 7/22/15 , edited 7/23/15
Personally, I find that writing anything-whether it be fiction, non-fiction, etc-is dependent upon both personal experience and creativity. For example, if I just sit around wracking my brain for a truly sensational story, then one isn't going to come to me. The greatest ideas come when you try something new in life or take new risks.

Try exploring, buy something you've never bought before, read a novel that would otherwise not be on your bookshelf, watch something that would make you think...Feed your brain, and you feed the paper in which a story is waiting to be written.

That's my two cents anyways lol...

1) Yes, most definitely! A lack of motivation to write is equally just as horrible.
2) Oh yes...More than once or twice. When I do, I normally step away from what I'm working on for a day or two and come back to it with a fresh frame of mind.

I hope that helped!!
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